Jumping in with Both Feet

I’ve wanted to start a blog for sometime.  The funny name alone:  “blog” kinda put me off but when I found out it was really just short for “Web Log” I felt a little better about it.

So welcome to our Web-Log.  Our Blog.  “The View Out Here” (title subject to change when and if I think of something better).  This will be a journal (of sorts) for us Radermacher’s of Michigan.  Our day-to-day with pictures.  If only this technology would have been available to me when Todd was on the road with Budweiser.  Oh.  My.  Gosh!  That would have been awesome.  We would’ve loved to look back on those years now and read where we were and what was going on.   Were we at a parade?  Which one?  A rodeo?  Which state and town?  Well, we aren’t racking up the miles as we once did or seeing and doing all those events but stuff is still happening and I am going to try to document it via this blog.  It will be something for us to look back on in our later years…we hear old age is coming.  Ya, ok. So it’s here already.  Since I can’t remember what i did three days ago let alone last year this blog thing might be just the ticket!

I’ve blocked the search engines.  Just the people who know it’s here will be able to find it and I think, if I do it right, this will replace the “Our Week in Pictures” email that I’ve sent weekly for the last month or so.

I want to thank Betsy for her help and encouragement.  It may have gotten done (ya right, someday) but it wouldn’t have been as easy as she made it.  To the rest of ya, I do have a disclaimer… I’m new at this and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.  I’m just doing it. So here we go, both feet.  Click: “Publish”!  Breathe!


7 thoughts on “Jumping in with Both Feet

  1. Sorry I didn’t see the comment section the first time until I showed it to Gene. You set the bar really high, you did a excellent job. You do not realize how talented you are. I am on a campaign to get you started in publishing a book on your sunsets or a combination of farming and the sunsets. You are able to get alot of very unusal shots.
    This is just the greatest idea from everyone that was involved.


    1. Well, thank you very much and thank Joyce for the family blog idea in the first place.
      This should prove to be great entertainment for all and keep us connected better than ever.


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