Our Week in Pictures: May 31st to June 6th


Cora bells and Pinks w/some Iris thrown in the back.

The landscape here is just a riot of color right now.

Whoever originally planted all this stuff did a great job.


Our creepy skies around 7:30 a.m.
This had me wondering if this “Western Chicken Little” needed to find a better spot to be other than the deck where I was standing.
Nothing came of it. Not even a warning from NOAA Weather Radio, which I listen to when the skies begin to look remotely like this.


Out with the old…
Funny thing about this exciting water tower development is that Jake had just been poking fun at the old blue one.
He’d said, “It looks like one of those old train station water towers”.
Less than a week later we saw this new one going up…one of them weird-globe-futuristic-modern jobbies
that you see everywhere in the Midwest.
For my western friends & family, if you don’t already know, water towers are a must out this way…

no elevation by way of mountains to create the needed pressure.
Now he thinks the old one is alright and wants it to stay.
That’s what he gets for poking fun.


Garden going in.
(photo by Jake)

Clyde Cat:
Garden-supervisor by day, productive mouse hunter by night.
(photo by Jake)

The fog was rolling in off the lake here on the farm giving us a foggy sunrise.

That fog seemed to be creating some neat light so I wandered around and took some shots.
This is the Lilac tree out front and it’s the last of the three lilac species on the place to bloom.

It’s been two weeks…Goalie lesson.
He loves pain – not.
He is loving hockey however.

Listening to instruction and criticism.
Whew…lesson over.
Hit the showers man…you smell…uh, not good.
You did good though!
On our way home we did NOT stop at White Castle Hamburgers – sorry Burton, we still haven’t done that one yet.
We may just leave the honors up to you.
This authentic Mexican food stands’ hours of operation have eluded us for 2 yrs, at least.
Our hours and their hours finally jived Saturday night and Wa-la! Dinner served.
That hand raised is not cause he wants to ask a question….
He may or may not be tired of me and the camera for the day.
Yah, that hand over the face is working for ya.
I still see you and the hair that’s growing on your hat.
What about that extra shoulder?
You know, you two have to stop wearing the same color shirt from now on.

Tait came down to spend the day with us.
It rained. Mostly.
At one point they played some John Deere Monopoly.
I have other pictures of the outcome but it wasn’t pretty or PG.

In addition to driving around on motorized vehicles for all of 30 minutes there were three rounds of garage hockey.
This last one Todd got in on as they headed out to meet Tait’s mother at our midway point.
It was looking like it was going into overtime.
They were so engrossed that they had to be told to stop the game and get on the road…
I hope his mom didn’t have to wait too long.
I’m not sure what to make of this capture…looks like Jake and Todd aren’t done playing.
Look at those smiles.
You’ll get ’em next time Jake.
Thanks for playin’ Tait… “Good Game”.
Our sky Sunday night.
Oh yes…
As of Sunday we have a new addition to Glenview Farms…
Yah Trooper that means you bud.
It’s the end of the line.
Welcome home.

Hope you all have a beautiful week!


6 thoughts on “Our Week in Pictures: May 31st to June 6th

  1. AWESOME photos (even yours Jake) LOVE, LOVE LOVE the sunset, sunrise and the flowers – oh, and the guys playing was fun to see too! Especially love seeing the huge smiles! Nice looking new Clyde –


  2. Nice! Jake’s got a good eye for photography too. I think you should spread this out over the course of the week instead of making us wait until Sunday!


  3. Dee & Jake,
    Once again your pictures are GREAT! I also love the foggy sunrise, the stormy skies and the sunset pictures. I still think you should sell them as stock photos. Jake is smart to play garage hockey with a tennis ball. We still have hockey puck marks on the inside of our garage. A big “Welcome” to Trooper, he is one lucky horse to be living at Glenview Farms.

    Thanks for you update. They are very fun to get!


    1. Thanks! Selling? I don’t know about that!
      Those hockey puck marks probably bring back good memories every time you see them.
      Yah, he is one very lucky animal to say the least.
      I’m so glad you like our photo excess! We are having a blast with this.


  4. Nice to see Jake jumping in. Could that mean even more pictures, YA. It was sad not having anything there yesterday. But thanks for today.


    1. I’ve got on here a button so you can subscribe to this blog…you’ll either find it to the far right near the top or at the very bottom. This-a-way you can have them delivered straight to your email box like always! ;)


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