Bloggin Back

Hi all…as I type this we’re on our way home from the ” Illinois/Indiana Fetch Some Cargo” trip.  We’re loaded to the point we couldn’t stop and get anything else if we tried.  Well, we could but we’d have to get rope to tie it on!   I tell you what, we really feel like Northern Michigan Punks in this dually and that red four-wheeler in the back.

I have so many fun pictures from our trip to sort through in the next few days that I hope it’s raining for a least a day so I get caught up.  However, I hate to hope for rain when we need to start getting hay knocked down.  Hey, speaking of pictures and time what do you all think of me posting a little a time instead of all at once on Sunday nights?  Do you care one way or another?

Excuse the typo’s – this is one rough road…2hrs till home.  Wahooo!  Or should we say, “YEE HAW!” ??


2 thoughts on “Bloggin Back

  1. Dee,
    Whenever and however you are about to post is just great. I get an email notifying me of something new so I don’t miss any of them. Just keep it up!


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