Our Week in Pictures – Part One

This three-part series covers the week of June 7th to the 13th.

I’ll be posting a little at a time over the next couple of days.

Wondering why?  Cause there’s a boat load of pictures from this last week and between laundry, chores, cooking, and playing physical fitness trainer to our goalie in training I haven’t had a whole buncha time.

So…here’s a start to what went on, up, over and down here this last week…


Jake and I got the garden planted completely.  Well, except for Todd’s pumpkins.  He wants to use them not to eat but to use as targets for shooting.  No comment on that.  I might be able to sneak a few for pies, bars or bread.  We’re gonna see if he wants to plant them himself or “let” us.
Pictured here is green beans on the left, far left is potatoes. To the right is tomatoes and far right is peppers (chili peppers for salsa!), cilantro and Italian leaf parsley.


Road Trip!
Destination: Illinois/Iowa border.
Reason: Pick up four wheeler for the farm.
Itinerary: Leave Harrisville, Michigan at 6:30 a.m.
12:30 p.m. – Drop Jake in Shipshewana, Indiana with our old neighbors to play with their kids & have a sleep-over.
Go across Illinois and get back to Indiana before midnight.
We made it as far back as Elkhart, Indiana late that same night.

I just can’t help it…I love it when it says “WEST” and it’s my road too.
Interstate 80/90 all the way would take me right to all my family exits!
Dont “Take Ticket”.
Get “I-Pass”.
Next time we will.
There are more tolls than ever – It seems like it anyway.
So do yourself a favor…
If you are gonna drive this stretch much thru Indiana and Illinois, stop and get one as soon as you can.
We highly recommend it.
Our only break down.
The wiper blade flipped right off.
No warning, just Wham!
It broke at the clip and wouldn’t go back on.
Yah, it was raining, but not hard.
It didn’t obstruct my view any while I waited for said wiper to be fixed.
The next exit was a truck stop and of course they had wipers.
That was the end of our drama for the trip.

No trailers came disconnected while flying at 70 mph – we weren’t hooked to one – I know, that was weird in itself.  We don’t travel anywhere w/o being hooked to something it seems.
No spare tires mounted under the truck broke free of its’ rusted cable .
No tires went flat.
No deer, turkeys, squirrels or wolves were obliterated.
(We’ve never hit a timber wolf but we might someday up on Hwy 2!).
No air-conditioning ceased to provide us with comfort.
No warnings or speeding tickets were issued.
No nothing.
Just a lot of rain.
Just amazingly Drama free.
Kinda boring.
I like boring.

Illinois – Still Tuesday

We were definitely not in Michigan anymore – I couldn’t get over how flat everything was, not to mention the lack of trees!
Admittedly, we both had out-loud-day-dreams of how awesome it would be to farm one field.

Just one field!
A field of not 40 acres but 400 (or more) all at once.
I wonder if they know how easy they got it?
I wonder if they fall asleep!?

After we made our 4-wheeler connection and got it loaded we cruised back thru the little town of Dixon.
This house on a corner caught my eye.
It’s for SALE.
Isn’t it gorgeous?
Those were SO the days!
Course we didn’t stop.
Most all my pictures while on a road trip with Todd the Trucker are taken from a moving vehicle.
Most often doing nothing less than 40 mph.
I’ve decided you gotta be FAST.
Sometimes they turn out and most times they don’t.
However, he was sweet enough to stop at this cute little place.
The truck actually came to a full and complete stop.
It could of been a trick. He could’ve been tired of listening to me whine about needing a Starbucks. But good ‘ol trusting me, I got out and shot some pictures anyway.
Yup, it was Ronnie’s house.
He’s partial to Mr. Reagan, lucky for me.
I was surprised that they only lived here for 3 years.
I wonder where they went after that?
Where we were headed was east and out of there.
We had a kid to get collect!

One thought on “Our Week in Pictures – Part One

  1. As always great pictures and ones that you would not normally see. I bet you would love farming on flat land, you should probably try Iowa (at least for flat farming land).


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