Rain, Rain, Go Away Already

Over here on the Lake Huron side of  Northern Michigan we have the proverbial “calm before the storm” going on.

To be more specific, a haying “storm” is about to begin.  We’re pretty anxious to get on with it but there’s a hurdle in our haying plans.

Kind of a big one.

For the last week or more it’s been acting like Spring and is commencing with the rains we didn’t get in April.

You know when I stop and think (like Pooh in the honey tree) it did this to us last year and the year before that and the year before that.  False alarm…all is good and normal in these parts.

I heard all the equipment is ready to roll.  Well, the rakes and balers are ready but the Mowing Machine is getting some new stuff added and will not be back till Monday…so maybe this is all just as well.  Maybe it will rain itself out and be ‘awesome dry’ for a good week and a half!  I can hope can’t I?

P.S.  Whoever is doing the rain dance…you can stop now.


2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away Already

  1. It is suppose to be nice here starting tomorrow, with maybe light showers on Mon and Tue. so you probably have some good weather coming, because we have been getting alot of rain here for the last three days. Jilly had tournament today 4 -20 min. games and we sat thru the rain.
    How long does Jakes goalie school go too?


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