Our Week in Pictures – Part Two

Wednesday Morning…

When Todd and I arrived at TC and Michelle’s we found Jake ready to go and not ready to go.
He misses his “peeps”.
That’s “people” for us not in the know.

We also found that Ben was totally ready to go!
I thought we were gonna have to find that kid a helmet and just let him sit there all the way home to Michigan.
He did not pout no matter what I happened to capture here.
He got down willingly.
Jake had a great time with his buds but he had other visiting he had to get done.
Todd and I too.
We were in Shipshewana after all.
We sure left a lot of great friends behind when we moved to Michigan and though we don’t get to see every single person every single trip we try to make the rounds as time allows.
Hey, there’s a whole bunch of you and if we missed ya we’ll make up for it next time.
Yes, we kinda keep track.
Next stop was Ralph and Melba’s.
Jake had a purchased a picture for Ralph that he’d gotten at that cool air museum in Dayton, Ohio. You remember… it was the museum where we about blew to the Eastern Sea Board it was so windy.
……..Elevation 896.
I will not laugh, but it looks soooo darn funny.

Funny to a girl from the mountains of the west!

Ralph was actually home and not off at work at his other job.
He’s a pilot for Continental Airlines and in his spare time he, his wife and one of two daughters run Wolfe Field in Shipshewana.
His other daughter is a pilot working her way up to Captain for commercial stuff.
The last few years she’s been flying commuter.
(Photo by Jake)
Anyhow, they have a crop dusting service and they’re extremely busy in the summer.
A good part of their business is spraying the potato farms in southern Michigan that give a good deal of the potato chip companies their potatoes for chipping!
Their airport is also a bona-fide, real deal, International Airport too.
Really. Grass Airstrip and all.

Does it make what the planes are sitting on a ‘grass-mac’ and not a “tar-mac”?

Yah, not funny.

>>>>moving on…

Thursday Morning

Hilgendorf’s had provided us and the fancy, way-too-fast 4-wheeler lodging on Wednesday evening.
And while they’d unloaded the thing in the dark Wednesday and Jake drove it a little then Todd thought it best to exercise the new piece of equipment himself Thursday morning.

He didn’t get too far, duty called …

Pictured here is Todd doing Glenview Farms Manager-type duties by cell phone.

Above Jan’s kitchen sink:
“There’s nothing wrong with me that a little ice cream won’t cure”.
Now ain’t that the truth?
Right Eric?
Makes me wanna go look at puppies too.
Above the guest bed.

“No matter how big, or soft, or warm your bed is you still have to get out of it”.

On a separate and obvious note, I have a terrible time trying to take pictures inside.
And I’m working on it.

Jake & Annie
Jan has some of the most unique flower combination’s I have ever seen.
Just incredible color everywhere.
And some of the most out of the ordinary plants.
Makes my stuff here at home look very, very Ho-hum.
Just Gorgeous.

While Todd and Jake were throwing our bags in the truck so we could get on the road home, I was walking around taking pictures of the different pots and vessels of flowers when this happened…


(more than likely coming back from morning spraying in southern Michigan)

Giving us a fly by.
He tipped his wing each way.

…threw on the smoke.
Nice send-off Ralph.

5 thoughts on “Our Week in Pictures – Part Two

  1. How different was it to be right next door to your house? I noticed you did not take a picture of that. Yes Janette flowers are beautiful. I don’t understand why none of the nurseys around here have flowers that are that different, and because they were in pots they must have been annuals. Boy if she ever moves to Minnesota I think she will be very surprised at what is available here. Great job Janette.


  2. Dee,
    What an exciting and busy week you guys had. Once again your pictures are great.

    Janette’s flowers are always beautiful and different. She and Tanya have a special gene for visualizing the uncommon arrangements. (Actually I believe you have it also).

    A couple of week ago we had to spray our area for army worms from the air and the fellow that did the spraying just flew inches from the top of the house and for the 30 minutes that he flew over all I could thing about was Ralph and Jake. What a dangerous job Ralph has. I can see Jake doing this also and enjoying the challenge that it presents. (No fear in those bones) .

    Thanks for your faithfulness in sharing your lives with us. It is GREAT.


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