Lastly, Our Week in Pictures – Part Three

This is it for last week.

I told ya there was a lot of pictures.

I wasn’t kidding was I?

Thursday Afternoon

Headed home thru Southern Michigan.
“We have one of those too pal – tiny bit more horse power”.
Wish we had a reason to use it.
Not as quiet though.
I miss that.

I was yards and YARDS away from this guy…did he know I was taking his picture or does he wave at every passing dually with a red four-wheeler in them?
Seriously, I had no idea he’d waved at us till 2 days later when I was editing pictures.
Crazy but mighty neighborly.

Ahhh…Don’t you just love the smell of curing hay?
This is NOT a Starbucks Stop.
“We” tend to get a little sidetracked when “we” aren’t on the Interstate.
Honestly, I should fess up…it’s all about me being in denial that “we” are looking at trucks for Jake.
He starts Drivers Ed. October 24th, 2010.
No, he doesn’t need a rusted out Ford to enroll in D.E. but you can’t start looking too soon.
Todd has looked around for 2 yrs now.
<sigh>…I suppose I’ll have to find the boy a truck just like I found his dad’s last old Ford truck.

There’s a good reason to go WEST!
No Rust. Well, not as much anyhow.
Can’t hardly wait for the smell to come drifting in the windows!

Have a wonderful week.


7 thoughts on “Lastly, Our Week in Pictures – Part Three

  1. I know you need to start looking for a truck for Jake, but tell him he is growing up to fast and its hard to believe that the only kids not driving now, are the moor kids. Good God where did the time go?


  2. Maybe Tood should check Craigslist for a green Ford 3/4 ton 4-wheel drive with “custom cut” wheel wells. It made it to Colorado maybe it could make it to Michigan.


  3. Dee,
    I like you new “banner” or whatever it is called. I also liked the old one.

    Regarding Jake driving–he has been driving since he was a baby. (I know not on the highways.) You will just love your insurance bill, be prepared.

    The truck that Janette mentioned, was that what Todd drove to Colorado when he moved out there. I know he had a truck but if this is what he drove out Janette has an incredible memory and I just HATE to admin it!

    Have a good rest of the week.


    1. Ya, banner. Thank you!
      Insurance?! I didn’t think of it..thanks, I think. ugh.
      Yes I know it was a green Ford F150 but as far as the wheels…I’m sure I don’t know but I’ll ask Todd – I bet there’s no way she could know that unless it were true!


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