Our Week in Pictures June 14th – June 17th

Monday – Flag Day.
This was to be a Flag Day picture shown here.
I had a cute “Flag Day picture” but now I can’t find it…next year or maybe for The Fourth.

So…Monday a.m. they drug “Billy the Round Baler” into the shop and he was:
Greased, oiled, lubed, had his filter changed, the air pressure checked, was washed, waxed, massaged and had who knows what else done.
Billy is now all set for haying season.

We only have one round baler…he’d better be ready.

Todd runs this unit as little as possible and when it does get used it’s not exactly done with the biggest of smiley faces.
The good news is at that point the hay is still ‘bale-able” and we haven’t resorted to burning it to get it off the field.
The round baler only gets put to work when the hay is too bad to bale in square bales for horse hay.  Or if the outside edges of a field are iffy w/ some weeds in it.
We hope this year we won’t see much of Billy.


After being gone for two weeks the hay mowing machine finally came home Monday morning.
My work is about to begin and I cannot, for the life of me, remember how to run this thing. 


Tuesday –

In the afternoon Jake and I were sent down-state with the horse trailer.
*Photo taken by Jake



We picked up two mowers for Glenview Farms.A new zero turn and an older rider mower they’ve had.
Just guess who is operating which these days…I know if I would have given the kid a choice, the cab or the back of the trailer for the trip home,

he would’a picked the trailer.

I know that surprises many of you all to pieces.
However, I made him ride in the truck with me



Besides he got some pretty decent shots from the passenger seat on the road home.Clever little buggar used the side mirror with the camera turned aroundas in lens not pointed into the mirror.The view screen on the camera was pointed at the mirror to get these truck/trailer shots.

Does that make sense?

No? Try it.

*Photo by jake



Once home… 


Jake explained to his dad the ins and out’s of operation. 


You see…when we arrived to pick up the mower we were shown how to run the thing… 


and between the mower briefing and Jake’s three-hour ride home in the cab with the manual, he was well educated…Well, enough to school his dad anyway. 


Wednesday –
I met Todd at a soy bean field where he was spraying, to give him some lunch… 


Then he was off spraying again….for what I’m not sure…bugs probably.
Or maybe weeds?
I didn’t even think to ask.
I’ve come to believe the less you know the less you need to remember!



Thursday –
I took this picture and the next one below right before Jake and I left for hockey this morning.(I’m writing from “hockey school” right now.)


It doesn’t look like this any more.

Just now, via cell phone, I found out that Todd got this front hay-field and two others on the home place knocked down today!

Yeah! Haying has started.



4 thoughts on “Our Week in Pictures June 14th – June 17th

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if next you’ll get on here and say ‘he’s had it’ and is out there with scissors!
      Smells so good here (curing hay) that we’re sleeping in the guest room tonight with the windows open!


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