An English Assignment

I took many pictures of this little book back in April.  And although you’re only seeing a couple here I’ll be showing you some of my favorites over the next few days.  I’d like to explain why I bothered to get shots of it in the first place.

In Jake’s 7th Grade English class they’d been studying poems.  The different kinds, you know, similes, metaphors, the ABAB ones, etc. and the teacher had them make a book of all their creations.  Typical right?  Well, here’s where it gets neat and the reason I took a boat load of pictures.  They could choose one of two options:

1.  Take the book home and keep it forever and always or…

2.  Take the book home, show the folks and bring the book back to school.

They would get it back at their Senior Breakfast, which is just for them, on the last day of school.  And because Jake chose option #2, I made sure I had pictures of every page – you never know, something might happen to it from now until then.  Right?

(Senior Breakfast!  Jeez, I know, it isn’t really all that far away.)

After reading it I realized I had to keep it a secret from Todd at least until Fathers Day.  Soon enough you’ll see why.

…to be continued…


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