a good read

I took the above picture with my cell phone months ago.  Like last August or October…I can’t recall exactly.  But I bet you aren’t wondering “when” are you?  You are wondering “what”.  ‘What does that child have on his head’, you ask?  It’s one of those travel neck pillows a passenger uses to sleep while the driver drives.

Jake wasn’t sleeping and he wasn’t letting ME sleep.

I was barely able to drive.

I about peed my pants laughing and wrecked the truck in the process.

I had to get stern with him to get him to stop.

He was KILLING me.

Anyhow, he simply had to have that photo printed off for his Poetry Book.

He’d said it would describe him best.


He most certainly is his fathers son.

Here are a few poems from his book…

{check back tomorrow, there’s one more}


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