It Is What It Is

It’s been very rainy here.

It’s also been:  wet, moldy, damp, cloudy, gray and otherwise a little too spring-like…not exactly good for haying.

I’m sure it’s good for something but when we’ve got hay down in the fields and plenty more to cut I just can’t think of too much it is good for…Other than watering down the dusty driveway.

It’s been awesome for that.  No dust flying here.

According to our forecast, burning the bad hay off (seen pictured above) which is probably gonna be the next step in our “haying process” here on the ‘home-place’, is proving a little challenging.  Wet hay just don’t like to burn too well.

And to make things a little more interesting…remember “Billy The Round Baler”?

Well, “Billy” has been bad.

Very bad.

And that is all we’ll say about that.

In case you are wondering…Yes, Todd turned off all moving parts each and every time before he got under there.  Not to worry.

Be worried about “Billy” though.  Be verrrry worried.  ;)


4 thoughts on “It Is What It Is

  1. People that farm, are very special people, as they are always dealing with the weather, nothing you can do or purchase to make it better.
    Hats off to you guys. You have had a couple rough years lately.


    1. You’re right! There is nothing you can purchase to make the weather cooperate.

      It truly Is What It Is!

      On an up note a neighboring farmer who has dairy cows is coming soon w/his round baler and is gonna bale it up and haul it to his place. Cows don’t care about quality of hay. :)

      This will allow us to “ground” Billy and get on with the rest of the good stuff!

      We do have 1000 good bales of hay in the barn that saw zero rain. So really, so far so good.


  2. You can’t but worry about there safety with farm equipment. When I saw Jake removing hay from the accumulator you just think– OH –be careful. So glad for there loads of common sense.


    1. I know it Jan. It’s a mandatory, self made habit of always, always shutting everything off. I think the trouble arises when ‘we’ think, “Oh, I’ll just blah, blah –it will only take a second” then out of being in a hurry not shut it all down. Yah, it only takes a second to get hurt – but badly. Really not that much different than a gun. Always assume it’s loaded and treat it as such! :)


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