Goalie School…Done

Jake didn’t exactly ‘graduate’ from goalie school but he’s officially done…for now.

Here are a few pictures from his last day, last Thursday.

Box Drill
"Like that coach?"
Shooting on Jake
Shot Blocked
Shot Caught
No really - Caught!
Absorbing that he caught it? Good job Jake.
They wrapped the day up with a one on one.

4 thoughts on “Goalie School…Done

  1. Jake are the Red Wings ready for you to move on in?. If you make the Red Wings you can keep my $.89. Pretty generous hu?

    You certainly look like a goalie. We know you have worked HARD for this.

    If you get to play this year we will do our best to see you.



  2. Your slide show was great. It seems like we can remember or were around when most of those were taken. You have really gotten talented doing this.


    1. You know, at first I was like…”slide show?” But I see what you mean now…the Flickr site that holds some of our photos… :)
      Thank you.
      I’m going to be adding more from the ’90’s as time allows ;)


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