Monday thru Wednesday

While I have some time in between loads of laundry, vacuuming up all the hay in this house and scrubbing toilets…Oh, and while Todd is away at a 4th of July parade and before it gets all wild again I thought send out an update.

A lot has been going on over here.

So much that this might be a two-part series.


Todd cut hay at “Helen’s Fields”.
These are hay fields owned by Glenview but they still call it “Helen’s” after the lady they bought it from.

And he cut hay till the sun went down.
It was a pretty night and I was glad I remembered to bring my camera when I drove over to get him.
Helen’s Fields is bordered on three sides by county roads.
He wanted to check something on the other end bringing him out a different way. I wanted to get more pictures and said I’d walk and meet him on the west side of the property.
While I was walking through the field of cut hay Mr. Deller was driving by to go check on his wife’s progress up the road (she was cutting hay) and saw me out there. He stopped and asked me if I lost something…well jokes ensued and bout that time Todd came around. They had a “Weather Meeting” and also managed to solve some world problems before we headed back to the farm.

Come Tuesday it was my turn in the ‘cutter’.

SW field @ Helen’s
I had a flock of admirers!
When finished with the SW field they followed me to the SE field.
So they weren’t following me around cause they liked me and the mowing machine it was the rodents I was stirring up that they were after.
At one point I had to run back to the farm to get the fuel truck and saw that “Extreme” was getting his second Loading Lesson.
“Extreme” loads….. well, let us just word it this way..
He loads EXTREMELY fast.
Todd and Jon here are trying to re-teach him by repetition that he need not load at mach 27.

Ok, so it’s not Mach 27 it’s Mach 10.

Later after the Loading Lesson Todd went out to the same field we’ve been in and “tettered”.
And “tettered”.
Lost his cell phone in the hay.
Had presence of mind to rip his sun glasses off his head and throw them down where he thought his phone landed.
And kept going.
I brought the fuel truck around later on.
We found his phone.
And he finished up while I snapped pictures.
By the way I had a picture of him looking for his phone…which he wasn’t too pleased about but lucky for him it didn’t turn out well so it’s not included here.
Balers on deck awaiting their turn!
Meanwhile, back at the farm and while the hay cured at Helen’s ….

The guy that was gonna come get this junk hay off our fields by round baling it for his cows had a change of plans andonly came and baled up one field.
So that meant that the Farm Manager needed to give
“Billy the Baler” another shot if we were gonna get that junk hay off.
This time around Billy had a baby sitter…that’s Dez in the golf cart having a look-see as to what the heck the problem was.

Him and Todd worked for a very long time to get that round baler to do it’s job correctly.
They made a handful of round bales before Billy gave up.
So guess what was next?
Time to burn it.
There was nothing left to do at this point.

The square balers were at Helen’s, in place for Thursdays baling and Billy was broke.

So about 7pm while the wind was light and out of the west we started in the far northwest field.
We lit the furthest eastern row first…Kinda like a “back-burn”.
and worked our way in.
This was delightful…
and this is Todd saying, “Slow down!”
And here is Todd saying, “Go faster“.
*Anyone remember that movie with John Candy and Dan Akroid?
What was the name of that?
You know, the scene with the boat.
“Go faster!”
“What’s he saying?”
“I think he’s saying go faster.”
Jake was our youth with fast legs and also put the water truck at the end of the field… just in case.
He also rolled the very outside row in with a set of rakes after it was clear and cool to do so.

So much green grass…not a lot of stress here.

After Jake had exhausted all other jobs he sat on the tail gate while mom drove them back and forth….
It was bogus bonding time.

Was also probably great friendship building with our neighbors all around, especially the ones to the east.

We had at least four cars that I saw first hand come in the back drive and turn around and leave.

I bet they thought the world was on fire.

They aren’t used to field burning here like they are out west.

Good to know that everyone will come running when they see smoke though.

Did you know it’s how the Indians would signal other tribes out on the prairie back in olden times?

I didn’t either.  I read about it in the Diaries of Lewis and Clark over the winter and one of those two torched up the country side to call the other at one point during their expedition.


Gotta appreciate them cell phones!

We burnt and burnt.
It was slow going.
I was looking for things to be content about…
I had a radio. Wasn’t hot and sweaty. Had my camera.
Had my family….
And they had Fire.
Yah, they wised up and decided it was just taking too long and Jake ran and got another propane tank and “Tiger” torch.
Just feeding the pyromania need here.
We burnt till it got too damp.
And what time would that be you ask?
Ummmm…12:15am – The next day.

To be continued…

Oh. I remember…It’s “The Great Outdoors”.
That was the name of the movie.
It just hit me.

p.s.  That field we were burning?  As of today, Saturday, it’s got an hour left of torching to do.

I don’t like Billy very much – he needs a new address.



2 thoughts on “Monday thru Wednesday

  1. Dee,
    This burning process looks very, very scary! So glad that you all are very safety conscious. Does it make your heart bleed when this is the last option? All your hard work leading up to this point. Are you able to learn that it is just part of farming.J-


  2. Naw, what’s scary is when they do the BIG field-burn’s out west so the grass comes in good and green…Ugh. And they do those in March when the ground is kinda damp and the only dry stuff is the stubble grass.
    The thing that’s a bummer about all that hay burning is that we’ve got better things to do than burn. We had, at that time, about 400 more acres left to do. This was a drop in the bucket that we just needed to get on with so the second-cutting could start growing!
    Learn – Yes. Like it- maybe! ;)


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