Thursday’s Job

Are you sick to death of haying pictures yet?

If not read on.

If so, it might be more fun for you to come scrub my floors for me.

I’m just sayin’.


While the boy and I slept-in from our night of pyromania,

Todd was raking away again at Helen’s prepping for the balers which

were due to bale as soon as the dew came off the hay.

Can’t bale if it’s too damp.

Can’t bale if it’s too dry for that matter but we don’t usually have that problem

here in Northern Michigan.

Jake baling away by 11 a.m.Least I think that’s Jake.That might be Glen or even Dez.
If only I could have gotten everything in one picture…but nope, it just won’t fit.
And besides that, people don’t cooperate very well.

To do our job we had the following:

3 balers – Operated by Jake, Glen & Dez.Only two are shown here because Dez broke down.Dez then became”hay shuttle guy/baler fixer dude/chief sass mouth employee”.

Darn Irishman!

I think I like him better when he’s trapped in his tractor.

1 set of double rakes – Operated by Todd.


4 hay transport rigs – Operated by me (mainly just in the field).This consists of two Ford dually’s with flat-bed trailers shown here.Plus…
The old GMC cab-over semi…


and “Sarge”.  They also call this rig “Booger”.”The Green Booger”.

Yes, like the kind that is found in a nose.

I pretty much just go with “Sarge”.

He’s pretty cool that Sarge.


It’s an old 1976 GMC semi.  Hey! He’s a Bi-Centennial baby.Jake loves this truck.
Very fun to drive but I think he has heat issues.  Like either the heater won’t shut off or it could be the heat just rolls off the engine and into the cab.Hey, maybe “Sarge” is actually female and is going thru menopause.

I know it…inanimate objects…I know.

But these boys put personalities on stuff and it’s contagious.

Oh and to make it much cozier…the window on the passenger side don’t roll down too good.

Ok, not at all.

I drive with both doors open.

It’s really not that bad.

I day-dream of snow banks and shoveling and other winter related items.

I kinda like it when Sarge leaves the hay field and I can drive something else for a while.


and finally…1 set of grabbers to load the hay on trailers – Operated by David.And sometimes there are 2 sets going when Todd isn’t shuttling

the semi’s or dually trucks to Matt at the West 80 hay storage which is

a couple of miles east of these fields.

Matt has a set of grabbers at the hay storage off loading the hay trailers

and stacking it in the barn.

Grabbers grabbing.
Grabbers loading hay, in the field, onto the flat bed.  Or this would be off loading too.  Looks the same.It picks up a stack of 10 at once.

The same amount the baler boys kick off the accumulator at one time.

So that was our view from here all day Thursday.

Just like me, I know everyone’s view on the haying crew involved some sort of steering wheel too.

These days I’m sure everyone here is thinking the same thing…”It’s nice to see the sun going down.” 

Oh!… and no….

No, I don’t get out of second gear in either semi.

Maybe someday I’ll be allowed to.

Probably won’t be anytime soon though.


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