It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Pig?

Update:  *On the original posting of this I failed to mention that Jake was the one that alerted me as to the funky cloud formations that late afternoon.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have seen it at all as I came roaring in the back driveway headed for the house.


A pig?

Yup…it’s finally happened.

You know that old saying, “When pigs fly!

Pig’s can fly.

How do I know?

Well, look…

Does that not look like a flying pig to you?

However, just because pigs can now flit across the wide blue yonder doesn’t mean that I can mow hay-field corners any better than I did last year.


This is bad.  This should not be attached to the ground any longer.  It ought to be laying flat.

It’s tough I tell you!  I did corners way better with a team than I’ve ever been able to do with that stinkin’ swather/cutting machine.

Maybe that’s not saying much but I never missed that much with “Ted & Slim”, my dad’s, secretly in my mind, my Belgian draft team.

Seriously, I’m horrible.  No matter what gear I’m in.  How fast or how slow, I can’t seem to get the positioning right.

My dad used to call this “Share Cropping”.  I’m sure he still does.

Translation:  “Leaving my share in the field”.

He would not be so proud.  I left my share ALL over that field.  And the field before that.  And the two last week.

He should come give this a whirl.  It’s a bummer.  I can’t get it perfect.  And, heck yes.  It drives me insane!

However, there is a silver lining…Sorry. I couldn’t resist it no matter how hard I tried!

And it is this:

As of Tuesday, the day I took these pictures (cloud pig picture included), I can now mow hay, more to the point… the flipping and turning part, in nothing less than 8th gear or about  6 mph.

So that’s saying something over my pitiful performance last year.  That’s just how desperate the Farm Manager is I guess.

He doesn’t give me crap for going as slow as need as long as I get it done.

So maybe since I’m finally able to crank along in big girl gear maybe pigs really do fly now.

Well, kinda.

Once I get my corners mastered then I can celebrate and toast them flying pigs.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Pig?

  1. Yes, Dad still calls it Share Cropping and he can do it with horses but would not be any better than YOU if he had to use big machinery with a motor!
    It it doesn’t neigh – he doesn’t like to work it.


  2. Remember that hissy-fit Jim was having? No, not that one, the one about the hay field. We still, after three weeks have 81 jelly rolls still sitting in the fields. He has now moved to major hissy-fitting. I think Merv should have stuck with ACE, because I think he will lose this job for next year. Jake, do you want to put a bid in for this field?


    1. Jake and Todd, w/ the help of a friend, got Allis’ draw bar put back on last night.
      For three years they’ve thought they’d misplaced a part or a piece of a part and for three years they’ve not been able to figure it out…till last night.
      I bet I know what the boys’ answer would be!


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