Our Week In Pictures




We pretty much had an all day rain.

Seems as though it didn’t get the hay wet that I’d just cut Monday but it did soak us very nicely 7 miles south, here at the farm.



Todd cut more hay and Jake and I spent the day mowing around the farm here.

Later that night I walked out towards the back of the farm because the sky was looking really interesting.

I saw two of the mares, “Boo-Boo” and “Annie”, giving each other a back rub.


And I hung out till I lost the light and couldn’t take anymore pictures.



In the morning I tailgated Todd up to Alpena.

It’s not because I had nothing better to do.

The semi had an overnight doctor’s appointment and I gave Todd a ride home.

I also managed to take a few pictures of the flowers on the deck…


It was a really, really busy day.


So busy that I made cookie dough for the freezer and took more pictures of the flowers.



This is not on the deck.  This is a day lily from out in front of the house.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again…whoever planted all these things around this house did a great job of selecting stuff because not only is something always in bloom, the colors harmonize very well.


Speaking of color or light really…this is what got me out of bed early Saturday morning…


For a few nights I’ve been sleeping in the guest room.  And when I woke up, rolled over and saw this sight, not to mention the need to get those items fixed sitting there on  top, it drove me out of bed in search of my camera.  The light was so pretty.  And the sunshine coming through the heart shape cut-out on the chair…well…I thought it was kinda cool .


Nope.  Todd and I are not fighting but I’ve been sleeping in there for a while not out of want but need really…Todd had gotten his leg squashed pretty good and with all my flopping around I didn’t want to risk hurting him more.  Plus I do love the fact that the sun comes right in first thing.  Something we just don’t get on the WEST side of the house!  Funny how that works.


GG would you please come fix these things?  I still haven’t gotten it done.


In the afternoon Jake and I went riding.

Well, I started off on my own but the boy saw me from the shop and came running down the farm road yelling, “Hey!  Where ya going?”

Since I was riding “Smoke” and ponying “Indy” along, he hopped on “Indy” and I drug them both for a ride.  We went by road around the outskirts of the farm and ended up in the arena…here are pictures from that:


These are shots of “Indy” discovering Jake’s deer jerky that Jake discovered in my pommel bags.

My bay horse needs a “food-addiction-intervention” – in the worst way.

Clearly, the horse hasn’t heard that equine’s are herbivores and not carnivores.

So food driven is this horse that he would take to eating the shoes off his own feet, had I got him shod this year.  No, he’s not that bad.  But close.

Nope.  Jake did NOT feed or attempt to feed him that jerky.  I moved his head after I got those two shots.



“Smoke” drip drying after his shower…Really, I was just making him stand there cause he wanted so badly to leave.  He knows better and he found out that I know he knows better!  Now he knows.smokeIMG_3860

And for all that noticed his neck rope?  Well, it wasn’t seeming like he was gonna be too receptive to the rinse-off or maybe it was just that Jake had put “Indy” away.  So to be on the safe side I took no chances.  He was good though.

Can’t seem to get him to put on more weight with the current program and he’s on a senior feed now for the past 6 or 8 weeks.  Think I will suggest a 3 times a day feeding for him and maybe flat out up it.

Oh man, “Indy” would love that!  Surprised smile

*Indy would not be included in the extra feeding you see and would have to witness this going on next-door to him.  I’d love to see the look on his face!

I also have to remember that “Smoke” is 23 this year…might have to eventually accept that he is what he is now….older and not gonna hold the weight he once did.  We’ll see.



Back to work.

Back to baling.

This is like waiting for the school bus, but not.

Everything is the same except:

  • It’s hot and humid…
  • It’s not his bus stop…



  • It’s JULY…There ain’t gonna be no bus!

I wonder if he’s beginning to wish for the bus?


Farm Manager giving a hand w/baler issues.

FYI:  This is Todd’s other job besides loading hay or trucking it to the farm…he makes sure everyone stays up and running.

They didn’t run as long as they wanted to because  the skies started to look like this:


And then this…


We got a few phone calls from the farm.  The first one from Mrs. Perkins saying it was raining like crazy and the wind was incredible.

Then the next call was from Matt who was receiving the trailer loads of hay we were sending him…he said it was raining like crazy and the wind was insane.  “The trees are sideways” he said.  “Um, holy cow Matt.   “That’s bad.  I think we will stay up here.  It’s nice and dry here.”

Jake, Todd and I finished loading and strapping down the semi.  Glen had bugged out for the farm at Mrs. Perkins phone call and Dez was still baling.  He’s from Ireland.  Nothing scares him.

Todd rolled out and was going to go the long way home, west thru the town of Lincoln.  He thought he might be able to skirt around it.  He did and didn’t get any rain drops at all.

Jake and I gave Dez a ride to his rig nearby.  Dez went home and Jake and I headed for the farm.  Not more that 3 miles south of where we were it was standing water everywhere and limbs in the road.  The closer we got to the farm the worse it got.  Now that I think about it…I don’t remember passing any cars or seeing anyone out at all.  Funny that would hit me now.  Anyway this next picture is “Smoke” and “Indy’s” paddock.


The storm was apparently a hard and fast one as shown by this paddock picture and this last one…


Our deck.  See first picture in this post for a comparison!

That was some wind to pick that pergola up, not drag the rug with it and deposit it on the other end of the deck.  Some 8 feet from where it sits normally.

It did not smash into the house.

It did not break that glass-topped table.

It did not gouge the deck.

It did not turn over any pots.

It did not land in Lake Ocean.

The wind did move one chair and pull down my temporary sunshade fabric.

But incredibly that was it.

The nicest thing about that storm was this:

It skipped our hay that was down but gave my down comforters a nice rain wash.

I love summer!


5 thoughts on “Our Week In Pictures

  1. Love,Love, Love yo photos! The cloud with the sun beam may be my fav! I like your choice of shots with the horse too – especially on the wash rack. I also think it is way cool that the light woke you up and you had to get your camera…. I think you are officially a “shutter bug”! At least that is what we used to call it.
    BTY what happened to Todd? – didn’t hear about his injuries!


  2. How do Todd hurt his leg, trying to fix one of the bailers or what? Where is he in the process of healing.
    Jake is getting to be a young man with many interest, glad to see him horse back riding also.
    As always your pictures were great.


  3. I agree with Kayo, the photos are fantastic! I love the ones of the sky with the clouds. You may have missed your calling as a photographer.


  4. Thanks you guys. I think I’ve been a closet ‘stutter bug’ for years and just didn’t really realize it till I had you all to share stuff with. You guys really make it fun for me.
    The deal with Todd was horse related. No machinery was involved. He still has some swelling, some real purty bruises but no more limp.
    p.s. He wasn’t keen on me taking pictures of all that COLOR! :)


  5. Dee,
    Incredible pictures again! When are you going to start a “Photography class” that we all can enroll in?????

    Hope Todd is healing OK, I noticed how the story was excluded from the Weekly Review. (I’m sure that it was a request that you honored.)


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