A View For Jake…

sideplane IMG_4127

You remember when I said it was going to be interesting to see what “Jake’s View” was going to be while l was away?  Well, little did I know I would accidentally get one he would be real interested in.

While I was boarding my plane in Saginaw/Bay City the flow of traffic into the plane came to a screeching halt, right at the doorway into the cabin. Since I was just standing there, I whipped out my camera and took a picture of the outside of the plane.  There were two men behind me in uniforms chatting. I didn’t know if they were the pilots or what.  I really didn’t pay them much attention other than to wonder if they thought I was being overly touristy.  Well, they WERE the pilots and as they were squeezing by me to get into the cockpit one of them asked me if I’d like him to take my camera and get pictures “en route”.

“UH??? “Yah, would you?” I said.

So Jake my boy, this is for you…

controlpanelIMG_4145 moreswitchesIMG_4136 PioletviewlandIMG_4131 PilotviewLakeMIIMG_4146 mumbojumboIMG_4140 swahelliIMG_4141

That last stuff?  Mumbo-Jumbo and Swahili to us normal people but I bet Jake might know what some of it means.

Not to say Jake isn’t normal…he’s just had an abnormal amount of exposure to planes for a kid his age.

Alright he might be kind of abnormal too :)

Right Jake?

Yes, just like your mom.

Miss you already buddy.



8 thoughts on “A View For Jake…

  1. What a post and perfect for Jake. Did you tell them that Jake has flown a plane? You really started a great thing when you started taking pictures to show us the farm life. Alto I know you were interested in photo. when Todd was on the hitch. There might be something in your future in that line. Seriously.


    1. I didn’t get a chance to tell them that he’d flown a plane before.
      Well as long as I can entertain you guys that’s more than good enough for me!
      I so wish this blogging stuff would have been available to me back when Todd was on the road.


  2. That’s awesome! And a little freaky that they’re just willing to take photos of the inside of a cockpit so easily. But mostly pretty cool!


  3. Dee,
    Your post just came through on our computer. Don’t know what took it so long, except we have had it turned off a lot lately (which we normally don’t do) because of all the lighting that has come along with the storms.

    What cool pictures. What cool pilots to take pictures for you! (Do you suppose they looked at all the pictures already on your camera while they had it in their possession????)

    Have a great trip. Looking forward to more posts from the West.


    1. The thought crossed my mind that they’d maybe look at what may have been on my camera…they would have been disappointed though because other than some shots from the drive from the house to the airport it was basically a blank card that was in it!
      I really thought there would be some funny self portrait pilot shots on it, it’s what I would have done! Goes to show how unprofessional I would be.


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