Harley’s, Horses and Caribou

Before I even begin to start posting up pictures from Idaho or before my sister and I run off to colorize a condo, I’m going to back up and show you what our ‘view’ was before I left Michigan and maybe even some caribou I saw in Minnesota.




It could have been Friday or maybe even Saturday, I’m not sure now what day Pete Petersen arrived at the farm, but by Tuesday I thought it was high-time I made a bigger effort to get some pictures.


Pete’s cousin had a meeting/conference to attend in Bay City, Michigan.  He asked Pete if he wanted to ride along.  Knowing the Radermacher’s were just north of there he said ya, borrowed his brothers bike and while his cousin did his ‘thing’ down in Bay City he came up and stayed with us for the duration.


A little history about this Pete guy…

Pete and Todd used to work together on the San Antonio Hitch at Sea World back in the early 1990’s.  Pete was made supervisor sometime after we left and was out on the road with the horses for nearly 20 years.  Pete, no stranger to hitch driving, worked for Disney and the Euro Disney operation over-seas prior to Budweiser.  A fellow Minnesotan and dang hard worker, Todd and Pete have remained good friends all these years.

Though I don’t have pictures, Pete demonstrated while at our place that he is quite the impressive versatile guy…

First, he helped Todd out in the field the entire day Tuesday trying to fix “Bad Billy The Baler”.

Then once back at the farm he proceeded to help .Jake and Todd figure out how to put that stinkin’ draw bar back on our Allis-Chalmers tractor that has stumped my men for nearly three years.

Did I mention the guy is handy?

Oh and he can sit a horse pretty well too.



Four of the horses had an appointment down at MSU so while Todd drug them down there for that I took Pete for a ride down to Lake Ocean.

Okay.  Alright.  Lake Huron.

It still looks like an ocean to me and I’m pretty sure Smoke was as impressed as I was the first time I saw it.

I would think it’s a sure bet he never saw so much water at once.petensmokeIMG_4021


Smoke’s original owner, Ed Brisboy, had told me once, “You can’t force Smoke into nothin’ but you can talk him into anything.”


Pete handled Smoke wonderfully when the big black horse wasn’t too sure about the water that kept lapping up on him…Water back home where he’s from, don’t act like that.  I’m glad it wasn’t a very windy day.  Otherwise, we would’ve had much larger waves and more reason for Smoke to be concerned.


He finally did get in the water…about the time he decided he was a tad thirsty.

arrivalIMG_4036 (2)

We were back at the farm about a 1/2 hour before Todd.


Todd put the four horses back in their stalls.

We had dinner on the deck.

Then Pete took off to meet his cousin out on the highway and head north.  I hope they made it through the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) without getting hit by any rain – it wasn’t looking all that great but Pete said they weren’t in a hurry and would hole up in a motel if they had to.


Hope you were dry the entire way Pete!

And if you did get rain I hope the water proofing spray helped on that bag of yours.

Thanks for all your help & coming and seeing us, loved havin’ ya.

Bring your wife next time.  Can’t wait to meet her.

Oh.  I hope you can still walk after all that riding…

Horse or Harley!


Thursday Afternoon

This is the rain I hope Pete and his cousin didn’t have to deal with…Todd on the other hand, had to deal with it on our way to the airport from Harrisville to Saginaw.  It poured buckets and buckets.  Notice how dark it is here?  This was about 2:40 in the afternoon.  It was all drama the whole way down complete with lightning and thunder.

It was so terrible that my plane, which was coming out of Detroit to pick me up in Saginaw, ended up being delayed.  By about an hour or more.


Because of the weather delay I went from a three-hour layover in Minneapolis down to an hour.


From the moving sidewalk I grabbed photo’s on the run.  These flower pots were just way to hard to resist!


Gorgeous!  They lined the outside of building FOREVER.

This wasn’t the only set…look across the road too.


This was too hard to resist too.

So I made time for it.  It was the right thing to do.

It was really one of the only things I was looking forward to about the whole flying thing.  I don’t mind flying, but… well…we all know it just isn’t like it used to be.

Plus caribou makes me think of Todd.

I took the picture for him…

Remember honey: “Stop the bus!” ???

…It’s a long Alaskan story…ask either of us sometime…and though it’s probably one of those ‘you had to be there stories, we’ll be glad to tell it to you.

Hint:  I’m much happier stopping for Caribou Coffee than stopping for caribou.


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