A Western View


I wouldn’t have realized it before but vacation is time consuming!  Kinda cramping my ‘blogging style” but in a darn good way.

As most of you know I’ve come out west for a few weeks to get my Idaho fix.  At this time I’m staying at my good friend and “sister” Myra’s place in between Coeur d’ Alene and Spokane.  I’ll be here till further notice or till her husband kicks me to the “curb” or as in the case out here…the ditch.

A few pictures from this past week…


“Anna CB Charger” – Indy’s full sister.


“Kelly CB Charger” – Indy’s half sister.


“Brewer”  Kelly’s two week old colt.  No official registered name has been chosen yet.  It will probably have the name ‘Brewer’ in it though, and Myra and I have informed Hillary and Jeremy that the foal better have the “Charger” name in it or they can’t be part of the ‘club’ anymore!  Winking smile

They’re scared.


“Brewer” at breakfast.


“Anna” and Jack’s Jolly (“Jolly”).  “Jolly” is a full sister to Jack’s Smoky Charger (Our “Smoke” horse).


“Corabell” the milk cow with “Carolina” (her calf) and “Oliver Twist” (an orphan calf).


The rest of the herd here at BHF.

Myra is trying to teach me all their names.  It’s not going all that well.

They’re all the same to me…”Milk For My Coffee” or “Beef Steak”.

However, after this note I found on my door from Maria (she is a former student and friend of Myra’s who lives here at the farm) we were both calling every one of them Beef Steak or Hamburger…Maria may or may not have taught me to swear in a foreign language.


“Maria…why didn’t you bang on my door?!”

Myra was at the college for advising and registration day so that left Maria and I home alone…Of course the herd would pick this day to crash the gate between this farm and the next.  I guess they felt the need to socialize up close and personal with the bull and cows over there.  So neighborly of them.

The good news was we had our morning exercise sorting them out then proceeded to town for Starbucks!

We deserved it.


If I were a cow…I would not want this girl chasing me with a whip.

Despite this picture of her and her ‘look’ she’s really very nice once you get to know her and get past the ColOmbian” accent.

It’s taken me two years and I still don’t understand much of what she’s saying.

office primerIMG_4363

This is one of our current projects in process…more pictures to come later when I get a day off.


8 thoughts on “A Western View

  1. Dee,
    “A Western View” provides great pictures also.

    I had to laugh about the cattle crashing the gate to explore the neighbor’s ranch. When I was little I use to spent a good part of the summer on my uncle’s farm. One summer we had to herd up a herd of PIGS that decided the grass was greener on the other side. I remember walking through corn stalks way over the top of my head looking for the darn things. It was hot and dust and no to a “city girl’s” liking.

    Have a great vacation out west.


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