Head In The Clouds


I’m home.  Kinda.  Really I’m at a coffee/sandwich shop an hour south of home.  Camped out here in the air-conditioning and WIFI waiting for Jake.  He’s in school.  Yah, school.  More on that in a minute.  I must, while my mind is on it, show you pictures from the plane.  Then I can clear my camera card and play catch up with the last two weeks.  Soooo much to share.


Those clouds were…



It made me think of cotton candy and quilt batting and bumpy snow fields…


And it made me think of snow drifts!  It’s so hot-n-humid here today I wish I had snowdrifts!

Ok.  So Jake at school….

I received a picture/text from Todd this past Monday morning.  It was this:


With these words:  “We’re Here”.

Jake started Drivers Ed Monday.  It runs for three weeks.  No.  He can’t take his CDL (Commercial Drivers License) training course till he’s 18.  This happens to be the same location regular Drivers Ed takes place.  Jake told me on the way down this morning that he can’t wait to get his “real” truck license.

Today his ‘head is in the clouds’ cause he gets to get behind the wheel and drive on the “big road”.  Book work is being temporarily shelved today at 2pm…Oh jeez.  He’s doing some of the driving phase right now.

“Baby Jake” is going be driving LEGAL soon! 

Typing the words “Baby Jake” reminds me of another picture and another time…

Jacob Thomas - happiness- where to

Yah, his head is so in the clouds today.



6 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds

  1. Jake, Jake how can you be that old to OFFICIAL BE ABLE TO DRIVE , we know what a great driver you are, and have had so much experience that we would not be afraid to drive with you at all. I love the picture of you driving, and I am almost sure we were there when that picture was taken on the road. I think it might have been
    Colorado or Montana.

    Sunset pictures on the plane were as usual great.


  2. Dee,
    Your sky pictures are more than INCREDIBLE!!!!
    I’m thinking of doing a “Coffee Table” picture book of pictures from family members. The more I see your pictures, the more I know I need to do it.

    I’m wondering if the driver’s training instructor will ask Jake to take over instructing the class??? The teacher has to be impressed with his ability. Love the picture of the first “behind the wheel” training.

    Great to have you back posting! You are so faithful. Thanks.


    1. Thanks!
      A coffee table book sounds like a great and fun idea! I’d be honored to be included in it!
      Jake said ‘no way’ to instructing the class! He said there are way too many things to remember. It was just him and the instructor the day they went out on the first drive. They went to Taco Bell and the instructor bought. How cool is that?!


  3. Hey there!
    All of the pictures are awesome…but those shots from the plane are amazing!!!! How lucky to have such an amazing view….but better yet what an awesome photographer to be able to get shots like these through those stinkin’ windows!!!

    While I was reading about Jake starting drivers ed and then that picture of him as a little little boy behind the wheel made me tear up, NO JOKE, I’m such a baby!!


    1. Thanks, to begin with it was an amazing night plus being able to sharpen up the photo’s sure helps show what I was really seeing! And about you tearing up?…You should have seen me dropping him off @ Drivers Ed! It was like his first day of kindergarten and him getting on the bus at the end of the driveway all over again..it was so bad I had to call Todd. Talk about a baby!;)


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