Idaho Projects


Colleague’s Condo Painting Project

a.k.a. Doing away with sanitary white!


In the age of ‘colored’ walls, how long do you think till ‘white’ makes a comeback?

I hope Jeff is enjoying his new rooms.  I bet “Kiddeeee” is.

That was not the cat’s name by the way.

I forget her real name now.  She will be forever known as “Kiddeee”.



Know what this is?


It’s a “Vision-Quest-Outdoor-Solar-Hippy-Shower”!  a.k.a Outdoor Shower Project

Living on a farm with all it’s dirt and grime gives good cause for having a way to keep it all outside where it belongs!   Myra’s “team player” husband Ron  saw her vision of an outdoor shower through to completion days after I had arrived.

Office Project

A total redo of Myra and Ron’s Office/Den was at the top of Myra’s “Summer To-Do List”.

It involved stripping  the floor…

and staining it a color called  “Saddleback”.

The walls were painted a color called “Dusty Olive” and ceiling repainted a color called“Antique Beige”.  Plus the trim was moved to a higher position.

From these pictures it’s clear here who did all the work.


I ran the camera.   I ran my mouth.   I ran no where.  I mostly sat and kept her company.

I sure wish I had that last picture.  You know the “Finished Product?”

It’s in The ColOmbian’s camera…She took the last shot for us.

When “Cinderella of the Military Ball” gets the time I know she’ll send it to me then I’ll post it.

The office really turned out nice.  And so did the Colleagues Condo.  And so did the Outdoor Shower!  Though I had no hand it that.  I used it a couple of times.  It was  awesome.   Does it make me a Hippy from Sandpoint?  Probably… according to Myra’s neighbors!

So, those were the projects.  Not pictured was us installing hot wire above the new field fencing around the pastures.  No one had hands enough for a camera, least of all me.  I actually had to do something!  Smile


4 thoughts on “Idaho Projects

  1. Dee,
    In this world of wonderful colors it is fun to see what colors other people are using and putting together. Looking forward to the “all done” picture. (It is lots and lots of work, isn’t it?)

    Let’s hope that white doesn’t make a come back in our life time because we would have to do a TOTAL redo and I’m not up to that.


  2. Great photos and projects. Wanna come to Minnesota and document my house projects (once I get a house)?

    Love the hippie shower! I want one.


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