Idaho Fun & Games

*Ron….Awesome job of coming up with not only a scoring system for our little “Name That Tune” game but a spreadsheet to go along with it!


Ok, so lest you all think we are major nerds or something I’ll explain our little game we’ve played for the past three years or so.  Explanation aside you may still think we’re nerdy.

It’s loosely called “Name That Tune”.  Well, we call it that now, now that we have a real scoring system.


Before it was just a question to what we could hear on the all 80’s radio station.  And what started out as “Who is this?”, “What band is it?” and “What year was it?” has turned into a full fledged, score-keeping game complete with a professionally configured spread sheet.  I won’t go into how many points you get and so forth.  Mainly cause I didn’t get many points and what would be the point?


Myra and Maria ran the laptop computers.  One for the free radio station:  and one for the spreadsheet.  Good job girls!  So nerdy or not, what else do you do in the evenings on the patio while sipping wine and watching the sky go pink and the mountains around you go purple?  See?!


The good news is it kept us off the streets. The bad news is I was terrible horrible this year.  With a real scoring system in place I guess it was just too much pressure. 


Ron you’re the King and you seriously need a better sparing partner.


4 thoughts on “Idaho Fun & Games

  1. Thanks for the game idea. Sounds like a perfect game to play on the deck. Love the idea of the spreadsheet. Yes, the kids sound pretty cute.


  2. Dee,
    You need Chad and/or Jay on your team. They are GREAT at games like this and if they don’t know the correct answer they make up answers and are so convincing that everyone believes them!

    We do a version where you have to sing a song with certain words in the lyrics–it is tuff under pressure.


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