Thinking of you Idaho…

While I was wading through pictures and deciding what to show you next these kept jumping out at me …Not what I was intending to post but timely.  Miss ya Northwest!

Kinda grainy.  Seriously, no pun intended!



Next up my visit to Montana or the Washington Coast or a friends lovely home – I can’t decide!


4 thoughts on “Thinking of you Idaho…

  1. Dee,
    Another great post by you. One question—How does Idaho wheat compare to Michigan wheat?

    Thanks for all the time you put in to doing these posts. I appreciate it.


    1. Thanks Joyce! I love reading all you guys’ comments.
      Ummm…regarding the wheat…I asked Todd what he thought and he doesn’t think there is much difference beings we’re about the same in climate as Idaho. Minus the humid part that is! It doesn’t appear that the wheat minds tho:)


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