Purty Eating Places

No, this is neither a post about Montana, Washington or that Idaho home I was going to show you.  I decided to share something different first.

Though I didn’t take pictures of the great food I ate while I was out West I did get a few pictures of some picturesque places I ate at.  Oh, and I had Sushi for the first time ever.  A lot of it.  It was wonderful!  Thanks Myra and Ron for the introduction!

*I hope this slide show thing works for you all.  Let me know if you have issues and I’ll do something different.

The lack of a tripod or the ability  to get a low enough ISO (film speed) caused all of my inside shots to be grainy or blurry but I had to share them anyway!  Hoped you guys wouldn’t really care.


2 thoughts on “Purty Eating Places

  1. I could go for a pizza and bottle of wine.
    You sure pay attention to detail and your photos teach me to LOOK at things, really LOOK at things. Thanks


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