Road Trip: Washington State


You guys already know I went out West/home a few weeks ago.

You probably also know I went husband-less and Jake-less.

Like every year.  :(

What you may not know is that Jake almost went with me this year.  He almost goes with me every year.  I really wish he had.  I made it further West than I thought I was going to go.

I got to go all the way over to the Washington Coast.

Here’s the disappointing part, other than my child wanting to stay home and hay:

I cannot find my coast pictures. Ugh!

Even though those pictures weren’t earth shattering , it showed I was there.

Never had been on the Washington Coast.

California Coast, yes. Oregon Coast, of course.  But Washington?  No.

I’ve been brooding for TWO whole days.  Time to let it go and do this post without them.  Darn it.

Ok…so…moving on….


…and moving down the road….Smile



…and over the Columbia River…





It was super pretty going over the river this time of day!  And I can’t for the life of me remember when I last went over it, let alone when I wasn’t driving it myself.


We camped.


We camped east of Tacoma.  About an hour from the coast on an inlet that I can’t remember the name of…it don’t matter it didn’t change a thing!

We got Tattooed…




Just the girls.

They weren’t real tattoos.

They were little kid rub on ones.

You know, the kind that wear off in about a week or right away if you accidentally get lotion on them.


For some reason the boys just weren’t all that interested in partaking in the body art.

We went to the Ocean…

*Yes! I found ONE picture I  remembered I  had on my cell phone. I  had Maria take it so I could send it to my niece Emma!  Just one.  Me and all my Sand Dollars.  They were literally everywhere!

We also feasted on wonderful food!  Thank you Nicki & Charlie.  And Hillary & Jeremy.  And Ron & Myra!  Awesome stuff.

(no pictures of food…too busy eating… SEAFOOD!  All kinds…Sushi too!  YUM.  And some of the best wines you will ever find on the West Coast.).

We had so much fun.

But then it was time to go back the other direction…

Back thru the Snoqualmie Mountains.

Ugly huh?

And the farm land..


And then back over the Columbia.

I wonder if Lewis and Clark, the “Road Trip Kings”, had any idea we would all, if we chose, have such an easy time of it…back and forth like it’s just no big deal?

I bet not.


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