Road Trip: Montana!


My sister Stacy was to come to Michigan this year, August to be exact.  Emma, my niece, who according to her mother, is completely horse-crazy was really looking forward to seeing the horses here.  Trouble was it wasn’t going to work out.  “Bummer”, we said and we agreed to try again next year.

Well, because her husband got called out of the country for two weeks, because she was stuck in HOT southern California and because, Hello! it was August, she decided to pack up the kids and run off to cooler parts, a.k.a. Idaho and because I was already there I got to see them!

Wahooo!  It had been two years since I’d seen her or her kids.  Emma was barely one year old the last time, which was also the I first time I met the child.  We began plotting how and when we’d get together.  One thing was for sure, Emma was going to see horses after-all!

Her, Emma and I piled into her car only one day after she arrived in Idaho and launched off for Montana.  We were bound for Alex and Kayo’s in Deer Lodge about 3 hours from where I was in Post Falls/Coeur d’Alene area.  Now bear in mind that’s 1380 miles give or take from Southern California (down near the old Bud Ranch) where they live now to Northern Idaho.  I know that road!  That’s quite a ways with a teenager and a soon-to-be three-year old and I was so happy elated that her and Emma were up for more miles/hours the car.

Ansen, my nephew, stayed back with some cousins up near Sandpoint.

I love you too buddy…  Just giving you crap Winking smile


Over the past two years Stacy had told me that Emma was nuts about horses and how it’s possible she, Stacy, had “my girl’”…she wasn’t exaggerating one bit.


This child has NO FEAR of horses or the loud barking dogs for that matter.  They have a cat and have baby-sat a dog once or twice…And I figured she’d be some timid, horse crazy sure, in her mind, but once she got up close and personal with the horses she’d have the normal reaction of drawing back but – Nope.


It was unreal how she wanted and did jump right in to help brush or


pet them over and over.  She couldn’t get enough.  I was so happy and a mite bit shocked!

Stacy was right, she does have my girl!


I think she ought to give her back – don’t you?

Emma did a great job of getting two horses all brushed up and then we got to go for a drive …drivingIMG_6167


Alex had Emma ‘drive’ some too.  Thanks for taking us out and about Grandpa!

Dee and Stacy_0086 - Copy - Copy

We had a fantastic time, her and I and us and them!

A big ‘Thank you’ to Kayo too for getting pictures of us.  I don’t have many of Stacy and I.  And I know I don’t have many that include Emma!

The next morning we needed to get back on the road and head home to Idaho but not before


watching the deer in the side pasture…




…getting a picture of my dad’s very beefy new wash rack he’d just finished.  I guess the old one was falling apart.  It will be some time before this one needs a re-do.


We also had to do some more horse visiting…


And then…


We went for a walk with Grandma Kayo down along the river and found some cool feathers!


I just love this age, so much fun and excitement!


I had a great time you guys!  It was short yes but I really, really enjoyed every single minute…and mile!

Emma, next year you need to come to out here.  I have a few horses that need ridden.


You tell your mom and don’t let up until she says yes.


7 thoughts on “Road Trip: Montana!

  1. Dee you all looked like you were having a great time, and you had to be in your glory that you had another horse lover. Cute little girl, and you could tell she did love horses as she was not afraid of those big animals.


  2. Wonderful photos and commentary. yes, I think Stacey took your girl child. But maybe she will let her come stay with you when she is a little older and can do more work! You know everyone needs a mentor….


  3. Just shared pictures with Emma while she was holding a horse toy and watching a horse movie (2nd time today). We love the pictures and LOVED having had time to spend with you, even for a short while. It was such a treat to see Alex and Kayo again, too! BE prepared for next year, Aunt Dee…. Emma is ready for some serious riding lessons.


  4. Dee,
    Your trip west just had to be so exciting and wonderful for you. I’m so glad they had the “Craig’s List” sale so you could make the trip. Hope that you will be able to repeat next year, everyone needs to get home at least once a year.

    Emma looks like she could fit right into your family and a big brother Jake would be another excellent mentor for her.

    Thanks for sharing all your family’s pictures.


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