Sandpoint = Home


Sandpoint, Idaho.


How I love this place.  If it were an ugly barren waste land I’d probably still love it, it’s home.

When I was out west last month I borrowed the Darty’s car and took it up to the Sandpoint area for a few days. 

There were some friends of ours I wanted to visit…




1herdIMG_5598 (2)


1barnIMG_5579 (2)

This is the barn that houses their Shire horses.

The ranch is amazingly beautiful.

Seriously, how can it not be with a back drop like that?  It may be sitting in a pretty spot but they’ve also done a great deal of work here.  I remember when they bought it, way back when…back when it was just hay fields and trees.

There is a ‘rookery’ in the woods near the house.  The osprey have quite a community in there.  Right now the bald eagles are trying to move in and the osprey haven’t exactly rolled out the welcome mat.  I suppose them both being fish hunters and the ranch sitting right across the road from Lake Pend’Orielle doesn’t help much.  Those woods must be like PRIME PROPERTY to the eagles and maybe being the national bird and all they think they can claim “Eminent Domain”?  It is pretty cool hearing them argue all times of day and catching sight of them flying over from time to time.

Now the house….

It’s better said with pictures of course than any words my thesaurus and I could come up with so I’ll basically just be showing you.


I must say, I didn’t get pictures of absolutely everything and some things I decided not to put up here– you’ll see this post is picture heavy as it is.   I also didn’t get pictures to do it justice and didn’t figure I would.  They totally need Better Homes and Gardens to come out but they aren’t that kind of folks.

Before I launch into more ‘show’ than ‘tell’, you should know this is a home full of detail – though like I said, I wasn’t able to capture it very well.  It’s also the kind of home that’s had an incredible amount of thought that has gone into it.  Things like traffic flow, room placement, lighting (natural light too), clever storage, mudrooms, extra washers and dryers, dog accommodations, hand painted murals and… well, you get the idea.

It’s also full of warm colors and gorgeous views.

The people aren’t too bad either…Miss you guys and thanks for giving me permission to post your hunk-a-junk house!

Oh, yah…

I took 1.3 billion pictures and I drove everyone nuts.  But that is true of my whole entire trip.



This handmade fireplace mantle/surround is in the library room.


I think the rosettes came from…uhh…not this country.  Brazil?

I can’t now recall but ok, the rest of the pictures with little ‘talking’ from me.  And I think since you are all family I’m not gonna take you thru the front door…we’ll use the mudroom like the lady of the house would prefer since we just came from the barn!







Hand-painted “Family Measurement” thing on the right, kitchen beyond.




Hand-painted wording around the top of the mudroom says:

“What is man without the animals?  If all the animals were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit.  For whatever happens to the animals soon happens to man.  All things are connected.”

~Chief Seattle, Suquamish Indian Tribe




Half-bath off mudroom.




Bar-sink faucet in island.








Is it weird for one of my favorite rooms in the house to be the Hall/Gallery?




Such glowing light!











This is a what I call the Cowboy Bath.  Maybe they call it that too, it’s never occurred to me to ask.

It’s a bathroom downstairs in the lower-level walkout.  It and the guestroom near by have a Cowboy theme.  I love it.  Dig the “barn-door” vanity doors with the horseshoe knobs.  I wanted to and tried to take a picture and show the shower area.  It’s painted in the colors of a water fall, floor to ceiling.  Amazing  and since I couldn’t do it justice I just gave up.


I love this rug too!  It was in “my room”.  It’s making me laugh right now.

And though I don’t have pictures of my room, I couldn’t ever catch it with the right light, this was my view when I woke up my first morning there…






1birdbathIMG_5585 (2)






Gus, doing what Border Collies do.








And that’s a dump of a place if you ever saw one right?  Winking smile

Thanks Stillwater Ranch for always making me feel like family when I come and letting me share!

7 thoughts on “Sandpoint = Home

  1. Dee,
    OMG!!!! What do you say. Everything, everything is just so very beautiful. The woodwork is just magnificent. The colors, the views, the flow of the house, and Gus’s little house, just unbelievable!

    Like I said before it is a good thing Todd and Jake stayed behind or you would have never come back to Michigan and where you live is beautiful also. It is easy to see why you love the west.

    Thanks for showing us this amazing ranch!


  2. Who needs BHG, these pictures are beautiful! When I grow up I want to have a house half that beautiful. I was amazed when I saw their place the first time. I am still amazed that even though it is such a large house, they really know how to make a house feel like a “home”.


  3. Can I be their friend too?!! Wow! What a great house… and you definitely took BHG worthy pictures. I’ve been to one wedding out there and it was beautiful. So glad you posted to my site so I found yours! Can’t wait to come back :-)… oh ya, and I will post pictures very soon of the backsplash… the color is PERFECT. Thank you!


    1. Cary, they would LOVE you. You’re so darn sweet!
      You used that red? I so can’t wait to see your pictures. I have been wondering about your kitchen paint project but figured you’ve been super busy & had that project shelved OR you were sick to death of it and ME and my dumb ideas!:)
      Thanks for coming over and lookin’…You are welcome anytime;)


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