Rude Sunset


While we were eating dinner a couple of nights ago, I forget if I’d made dinner that night or my mother-in-law  had.  Maybe it was a group effort but regardless, right in the middle, I stood up, grabbed my camera and said, “Look at the sky!  I’ll be right back”.

I took off through the little birch and aspen grove then around the other side of a building so I could get a better view.  I was not disappointed.  And because the computer I am composing this on is uninstalling some stuff I didn’t try and edit these pictures…didn’t want to make it mad.  This it what I could capture in the low light, though it was much sharper in person.


Austin, the booger, keep trying to get in for a super-macro-close up…I kept having to shoo him back.


Here is where the cry baby started pouting.

I only wanted to try to get all of  him in the picture instead of just one, larger than life, nostril.



So that was a recent sunset and evidence that I’m not only rude but mean besides!


4 thoughts on “Rude Sunset

  1. Dee your blog is always so cool, but for what it’s worth your photography shows off sooo much better against black. Love your new header, but I vote black. I know you never asked, but you have incredible pictures and they just pop against that black.


  2. Dee,
    Greeting from the state of Pennsylvinia! Have not seen any sunsets like yours here. Come to think of it I don’t even know which way to look for a sunset here. I should be able to figure it out tonight as the sun should be setting during the game today. Where you live must produce the best sunsets. Keep sharing!

    We are getting ready to attend our first football game of the 2010 season. It is a beautiful day for football. I’m excited. (I have missed it). I have my OSU shirt on, covered up by an oragne Bucknell shirt. Go Bison! Go Buckeyes!


    1. I was just telling Karla when she was here that we’ve never lived anywhere that the sunsets and sunrises are this consistently pretty!
      Hope you had a fantastic time! If you’re still there tell Chad hi for us.


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