A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa


Recently, Todd’s Mom and Dad came from Minnesota for a visit.  Shelby, our dog, loves when Grandma and Grandpa come over.  She lacks attention you know and really sucks it up when we have company in the house.  She was depressed for a day or so but she’s on the mend.



The horses saw a bit of attention too from Grandma and Grandpa.  Trooper was so giddy that he wouldn’t hold still long enough for a picture.  This is one of 306 pictures, give or take 300, that I took of the three of them.  This happens to be the only one that turned out decent enough to share.


Once in a great while during their visit we had nice enough weather to sit on the deck.

And one afternoon Grandpa and Jake went target shooting over at the West 80 Property… 



Shell casings are picked up afterward…apparently we don’t need them in hay bales.  Who’da thunk that?!

Last weekend here was the Junior Hunt.  Just the 16 and under kids could hunt for two days.



This was Hunting Blind #1.  Yes, the garage.  Life is tough here in Northern Michigan.


This is Hunting Blind #2.  Life is even tougher here.  Ok, they didn’t use this spot as a blind.  It was more the “Look-Out” position.  Grandpa Gene was a natural.

Unfortunately, Jake didn’t get anything…Now he will have to wait till November 15th, which, coincidently, is a day off from school.  It masquerades as a day off called “Safety Day”, which to me is sooooooooooo much more important than President’s Day which, by the way, doesn’t exist in these parts anymore. (insert sarcastic inflection here.)  Yah. I guess they figured no one shows up anyhow might as well shut the doors and work it in the school year schedule.


Jake had Grandpa try out the zero-turn mower. 

First there was the necessary crash course…Without the “crash” mind you.


And then he was off.  We missed him when he was gone.



We don’t know where he went but he found his way back.  I think Jake was happy about that.



I’ll be dang happy when they find their way back here again…They’re thinking about coming back in the very near future to watch Jake play goalie – that isn’t far off.

We sure had a great visit with them…As always.

Hurry back you guys…

Oh!  And Karla, I’m thinking I’ll get some Non-Toxic Chestnuts and we can try some of those great recipes we found. 


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