Harvest Begins


We” began the soy bean harvest.  I say we cause I have to help.  I run Todd to and fro if he needs a ride from one field to the next.  I’m a helpful kind of girl.


I don’t think he thinks standing around taking pictures is very helpful.

He wants me to get my CDL – commercial drivers license, so I can be more helpful.  I’ve been holding off on that as long as I can.


The next few months he’ll be spending a lot of time in what my son calls “The Mother Ship”.

I really don’t think it’s a bad place for him.


Round and round…


Then off load into the truck I really wouldn’t mind driving but seriously, I pretty sure I don’t have the brains for the CDL test…too many numbers and junk to remember.


Mother Ship driver thinks otherwise.

He really oughta stop thinkin’ and just drive…Maybe a book on tape will take his mind off cookin’ up more stuff for me to do.

I’m so going to the library and pick one out for him.


4 thoughts on “Harvest Begins

  1. I know you are smart enough to pass the cdl test – but tell your “boss” if you get your license then your wages have to go up too…. maybe that will shut him up. hahahahaha


  2. Dee,
    Great to have you back blogging. I have missed your posts. I was thinking this morning (while I was making the bed) that I needed to let you know that I missed you posts.

    I can’t imaging the nightmare you have been dealing with. Let’s hope all is good for now and forever.

    Harvesting is in full mood here also. Bumper crops for the farmers. Hope all goes well with your harvesting and I know you are more than an additional right hand.

    Have a very productive week.


  3. We all missed your posts and great pictures, glad to hear that you finally have everything straighten out. If the people that hack into these systems would spend as much time looking for a job as making a nightmare for everyone else they would probably be quite successful.
    Welcome back, seems like everything on the blog has been at a stand still right now.


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