Welcome Back, To Me…And To You Too!

Wellup!  That wasn’t any fun at all.

I bet all of you know by now that while on a road trip with my dad two weeks ago I got hacked.  I was slightly “hacked” off about it too.  You know, mad.

Getting hacked I don’t wish on any soul.  Getting your email hacked into means they can see every living thing you’ve received, sent or deleted…not to mention anything you’ve got in folders that you’ve created.  Like in my case a folder called…”Bills Paid”.  Ugh.

But it is over and I’m back, with a new blog address too, not that I really needed a new address but I feel better knowing that this site is just between us ‘nice’ folks.

A short bit about why the ‘bad guys’ were able to post their sooooo believable (insert sarcasm here) pathetic letter on this site:

Simply put, I had something clicked that would allow me to ‘Post By Email’ from my email account.  Since I had my blog address in my contact’s list of my email account, the villain’s, when they clicked ‘Send To All’ it sent to ALL, even the blog.  That little diddy in the WordPress ‘Options’ section ain’t clicked no more!  Plus, I have about 98 new email addresses, none of which are linked together!  If that don’t help, short of getting offline all together, I’m not sure what a girl could do.

So on to more fun topics.  Like getting to go to the World Equestrian Games two weeks ago!

So welcome back, I’ve missed sharing with you!


Next post:  2010 World Equestrian Games – Lexington, Kentucky!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back, To Me…And To You Too!

  1. I AM SUPER happy you are back up and running with your blog. I’ll bet it’s a relief for you to get on with things. :) Can’t wait for the World Equistrian Games segment.


  2. That was a long dry spell, missed you big time. Bring it on Dee! We are ready for some new stuff. I told Joyce I was tried of looking at those nuts everyday.


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