Special Accommodations For The World Equestrian Games


Two things combined at the last minute to make it possible for my Dad and I to attend the first ever U.S. hosted World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

1.  Some friends of my Dad’s weren’t able to go and he was given their tickets.



2.  Someone bought a horse in Tennessee that needed a ride to Montana.

Destiny Baby!

So, since this was a last minute thing, and I mean by three days last minute, there was no place to stay.  Well, maybe a surrounding town had motel rooms but we had accommodations in the sleeping area of my dad’s horse trailer.  What we needed was a camping spot.  Those, they were fresh out of, as you can well imagine with the Grand Daddy of all horse shows going on in town.  Some other friends of his, from Montana too, had driven out with their living quarters horse trailer specifically for the last four days of the show.  They had beat us to town and we learned by cell phone they had scored a place to stay!  “No way you found a spot?!  Where?”  “We’re at the fire station and there’s room for both trailers”, they said.  What?  The WHERE?


They had stopped at a local fire station six miles north of the Horse Park to ask where there’d be a camp ground near by.  They said to them, “You can park your trailer right over there if you want.”  It was just to the side of the fire house.



When we arrived we backed in beside them and I was told they offered up their bathrooms, complete with showers and washer and dryer too if we wanted.  Somebody kick me, I thought!  No way.  I was totally prepared to rough and tough it out for three days to get to see the World Games and I ended up not having to!

I smelt good the entire time!

Destiny Baby!


Thank you Georgetown Fire Department!


6 thoughts on “Special Accommodations For The World Equestrian Games

  1. Dee,
    Aren’t firemen just the most wonderful people in the world. They protect us and provide for the room less when in need. They must have loved you taking pictures of their equipment and rigs.

    What a special treat for you to be able to go to the World Equestrian Games, just like us going to the Rose Bowl Game.. Are we LUCKY!


    1. Yes they are! And I’m pretty sure they thought I was a little over board taking pictures of everything! I only wish I would have gotten a picture of their resident skunk waddling around under the fire trucks early one morning when I went in to use the “facilities”! I did hear them all yelling minutes later when I was getting out of the shower – LOL!


    1. Thanks!
      It was so neat, every fire truck door stood open at the ready and at every door, down on the floor, were their boots and over-pants ready to slip on in their mad dash out the door!


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