Before It’s Completely Over…


I know many of you have already seen snow this season or have it sticking to the ground by now.

So, before it’s over for us, Fall that is, I thought I’d share my pictures of it, you know, before it’s not that relevant anymore.


Todd and I both agreed it was a bit early this year….color-wise.

It lasted approximately two weeks, about normal.  I was home from Kentucky in time to see the tail end of prime time color.


This was taken down the road at one of the fields we hay.


And this…


Yah, and this.  Shhh…I was kinda supposed to be working.

I took those pictures at the edge of the field…We do crazy stuff here in Michigan but we don’t hay in the trees…just thought I’d throw that out there.


This is “Paddock One”.  Not Paddock Two, Ten or Sixteen.  Paddock One.


It’s the most picturesque of all the paddocks (or corrals) here on the farm.


This is Paddock Two.  I know, I know…horses walking around eating would have made these pictures more…just more.

They’d already been taken in for the night.

They needed to eat inside.  Duh.


Man, the color was extremely pretty this year.  The leaves didn’t dry up and blow off…


Nor did we get an those bad freezing rains that would have otherwise ripped them off and cast them to Canada.


Nope, this year the color stayed with us and put on one of the prettiest Autumns we’ve had since we moved here.



I hope wherever Fall found you it was beautiful too!



Next up….November stuff like…Corn!

*Picture is of Todd & Co. during the ongoing corn harvest.  Thank you Bonnie Shields for a great capture!

P.S.  Picture is not of Todd. It is just a simple quiet day dream of his and doesn’t last but more than 10 seconds at a time cause he’d be harvesting corn into next years haying and that wouldn’t really work too well.  It’s a nice day dream though and it might be mine not his.


12 thoughts on “Before It’s Completely Over…

  1. Absolutely beautiful, we did not have any color this year due to the fact that we are 7″ behind in rain fall, they just withered up and went away. So thanks for the color.


  2. No color?…Oh, that’s a bummer.
    I hope you make up for your lack of rain fall in snow…Now, you know me…I mean that in the best possible way!


  3. Dee,
    Thanks for sharing your fall with us because ours didn’t look anything like this! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! I still say you need to sell your photos to a stock photo company. Do you have any of your photos framed and hanging in your house. (some of these would be breath taking in your bathroom.)

    Thanks again.


  4. OMG!!!!!!! Dee – those photos are extraordinaire!!! I was going to pick my favorite shot but the next one made me gasp and then the next and the next!!! My gaud! Girl you just have to print some of those and frame them – and send to a calendar company or something. Maybe make a calendar for our Christmas presents!!!!
    You are amazing! I have to go back and look again!


  5. Farm and Ranch or Country Magazine – would be a good place to start. Maybe a Michigan magazine or something… seeing the photos again leaves me breathless and wanting to come to MI next year to see for myself… seeing your photos are the next best thing.


    1. Already got your Christmas present…It’s…Oh never mind. I was gonna say something but then I know you’d guess it. Forget it!


  6. Wow!! I agree with Kayo!!! The ones in the trees made me think of riding on the Dover bluff when we were kids. Fall riding in the trees was always my favorite. The ground covered with colorful leaves, the nip in the air, that fall smell…. I LOVE FALL!! Always have! Love, love, LOVE your picts!! I wanna come back there in the fall now!


    1. Thanks Nicki! As I said to Kayo above…come out by train next Fall and see for yourself. Course there’s no guarantee we’d have great color, we usually have *something* – more than out West anyway. But hey! There’s plenty of coastline to explore!


    1. Ok, you trade me camera’s and I’ll tell you!
      Kidding…Photoshop or Gimp: A bit of blur and sharpening with some contrast adjusting. I try not to mess around with the color as it always seems to make it look unnatural when I do. Copy away baby! ;) And thanks.


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