Team Work and Books on CD

The Team

P&G Farms, a.k.a. Glenview Farms, a.k.a. Todd & Company.



The Players


The Combine, a.k.a. The Mother Ship – Ships’ Captain:  Todd


The Grain Wagon – Operator:  Jake


The Semi Transport Rig – Operators:  Todd and Craaazy Larry The Trucker


The Corn Chopper-Make-The-Fields-Look-Pretty-Again-Unit – Operators:  Me, Mr. Perkins and sometimes The Electrician…(Don’t ask).


So here’s how it goes down…


These two, when Jake’s not in school or at hockey for that matter, do the harvest operations.


While Todd does this….


from here…


…this part of the combine grabs the stalks of corn, chews up the stalk and throws the ears of corn into the spiral wheely-ma-bob…


Like so.

These things are called corn heads or thing-a-ma-jigs. There are six of them in case some of you wanna know.

Clearly, ask me anything as long as it’s easy to answer.


It then goes through all of this here whereby, the corn gets separated from the ear keeping the corn kernels in the hopper and shooting the de-corned ears out the back.  Just like when the chaff went out the back of the combine during the soy bean harvest.

See?  No?  Well try to keep up anyway because I don’t understand it either.


There is a window in the cab of the combine and through it Todd can see when the hopper is getting full.  When it’s about full it means he needs to call Jake to come up along side.

Calling Jake, who’s waiting at the front of the field, means extending the spout thingy out to the side, showing Jake he’s ready to off load the corn from the combine.

Jake is always watching and ready.  The kid was born watching and ready.


This is done on the go.  No stopping.


Todd keeps doing this…


While at the same time Jake keeps up his speed to match his dad’s collecting all this.


Once the grain wagon is full it augers the corn into the semi grain trailer.  Nope, didn’t get a picture of that.

However, I did make time to get pictures of these gorgeous red berry bushes that day on my rush home to do who knows what.


I have no idea what what kind of bush it is.  Anyone know?

Yah, it’s just brush.

But pretty brush.


Anyway, when Todd is operating alone he drives the combine over to the semi and off-loads straight in.  When the fields are small this is no big deal and quite frankly there’s not a lot of room for the grain wagon anyway.  But, when the fields are large…well…it’s nice to have to have the help.

Speaking of help…


After the combine has harvested enough corn to fill the semi trailer Todd always brings it back to the farm and parks it for the night.  Just about every morning for the last few weeks at 4:37 Crazy Larry comes, fires up that semi and drives it past the house, out the driveway as quietly as he knows how and manages not to blow the air horn like other people do and down to Saginaw to the grain elevator.  This, barely pictured above, is Crazy Larry sneaking back in at 9:40a.m.  I’ve timed him.  He can do this run to Saginaw and back practically to the same minute every time, give or take fifteen.  He’s amazing and probably crazy too.


So that leaves mostly me with the Aftermath.


It is my job, when I choose to accept it, which I mostly always do cause I can like, listen to books on cd and mow it all down.


Straddling two rows with the tractor tires I can mow down six rows at once.

Let me rephrase that.

I’m supposed to mow down six rows at once.


Once in a great while, as shown here, I can end a field by mowing the last six rows that are standing.

It’s what I shoot for and it’s happened twice in four years.

Hey, I get it all mowed even if I have to make an extra pass to grab one or two lone rows cause I was following the story line on a murder mystery cd and messed up somewhere in the beginning.


So while I tidy up Todd heads off in search of more corn.  He says it’s like playing Pac-Man.  “Wonka-Wonka” and all that.

He’s weird and played too many video games in the ‘80’s.

My end of it is more like house work and less like video games.  Clean-up duty.  Nothing new in the grand scheme of things.  It’s a good thing he’s not acting out at home.  He’s very clean at home.  Not cleaning up after him much there.

He keeps work at work.  Well, kinda.  He does bring home grease, corn, hay, soybean, wheat and oat chaff though.  And some of those are REAL fun to clean up.

He does occasionally call me from work…


”Hey, is this Tool Girl Hot-line?”

“NO.”  I say.


“Hey, yah it is, I can tell.”

“It isn’t, you have the wrong number” I say.

“Ok. Will you bring me my truck with my tools in it to the field – I’m kinda broke down here”.


The good news is it does give me material to post I wouldn’t ordinarily have but the bad news is…


I had Stillwater Holiday Gorp in the oven when he called.  He never needs me when I’m doing my nails or scrubbing toilets.

Ok, I don’t “do” my nails.  It would be grand to be interrupted scrubbing toilets.


He did say later that if he would have known what I was doing at the time he would have walked home for his tools so as not to risk ruining the precious Gorp.  He wasn’t too far away…He might have!

Oh and I lied.  There’s no bad news.  The Gorp made it out fine and un-burnt.  I was kinda worried at first but decided if I just turn the oven off when I left and turned it back on when I got home it would be ok.

Oh.  Why do we call it “Gorp”?  I don’t know.  It’s what it was called when we were introduced, courtesy of Kaye Ross.

And I curse the day she handed the Gorp reins to me.  Todd loves her for it.  My hips love her for it too.


As of this posting, really as of Saturday the 20th of November, this Corn Harvest is over.

The fat Mother Ship has sung her last song for this season and it ain’t Thanksgiving yet.

It ain’t February!  Heck.  It ain’t December and we’re done.  Done I tell ya!!


No combining corn in the snow for us this year.


It just occurred to me that I’m not done.  There’s two fields left to mow down.

Wellup!  One more mystery cd ought to do it.


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