Thanksgiving View–Far From Home

*Warning this whole entire posting, pictures taken and edited too, was attempted from a moving vehicle…98.3% of the time).

It wasn’t our first Thanksgiving spent out on the big road (as Jake used to say) and given our track record probably won’t be our last.

It’s just kinda the way we’ve always rolled.  Keeps things interesting.

I like it.

I like what we saw too…


People hunting birds on Thanksgiving morning.

Beef cows…


Lots of beef cows.


Quite a few antelope.


And this.

Can you see anything on the horizon?

Have any idea where we went?


Does this help?

I bet a few of you know.


And now?

Yup, you’re right, no longer at sea level.


So, ok.  Now most everyone knows by this sign!

And this old sucker…


and of course by this…


This is a dead giveaway and if you don’t know by now…


This here sign explains it all…except for the “Why”.

Why did we go?

Since this road has become very rough, I will save the “Why” for a posting tomorrow.

I do want to say that this Thanksgiving we were thankful for:

Excellent roads all the way west.

A big dually truck and big flatbed trailer for our use.

Decent fuel prices.

Gorgeous weather for our 26 hours in Colorado.

Friends and family, always.

And old country music from the ‘70’s.

(Yup, there’s some hints in there as to the ‘why’),


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving View–Far From Home

  1. I need to decline on the guessing of your location for Thanksgiving because Janette shared with me the where and why.

    Must have been an exciting trip for Jake!


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