The Earth Shattering “Why” Answered

*Caution:  Typo’s more than likely found within.  Still posting from a moving vehicle and it’s getting very dark.


Herein lies the answer to why we drug this…


This trailer right here…


clear out here to the high plains…


It was to get this.


That’s the classic baling wire fix for an exhaust pipe and that….


is attached to this.


This guy here his name is Smokey Boese and back in September he had a ranch auction at his now sold place in Matheson, Colorado.

His son Mark, who’s one of Todd’s very best BFF’s, it’s true, I just verified that, went out for the auction to help his dad and while out there he bid on this 1971 Ford F250 Flatbed truck for us, well really for Jake.


Jake is now the very proud owner of of this rig..


Chrome Ladies and all.

The thing in the back is an old tool box that Mark bought for Jake.  Nice guy that Mark.  He’s not like he used to be.  I remember a Thanksgiving spent on the road with him and Todd and a semi full of horses and equipment bound from Indiana to California.  It’s seared in my memory…It’s a story for another time.  Or not.


Alright, so here we have my ‘men’ taking off with the truck to go cruise the countryside.

While I was taking this very picture, Smoke said…”Looks to me like they ain’t coming back.”  “Kinda looks that way don’t it?” I replied.  I think I also said out loud, “They sure the heck better come back or I will hunt them down.  Either that or I will go to Montana, I’m real close.  Smoke then asked if Todd had his cell phone.  I said that I was sure he did.  Later, I found out that he didn’t have it with him and he figured if him and Jake broke down that Smoke and I would come looking for them.


Turns out they made it back fine and my loyalty wasn’t put to the test…loyalty to the West that is.


Also turns out that the breaks on the truck worked some better than Smoke thought they would.


Smoke was heard saying…”No guts, No glory.  Right Todd?”


Rumor has it, Jake would have been as happy as a pig in poop if they were still driving around aimlessly.


But it was loaded successfully without pouting or hissy fit throwing…that may or may not have been me later when we turned East.


And East we did turn after this quick group photo of the F250 Men.


The ‘71 truck is following along nicely and we cannot seem get home fast enough.


But there will be one last sunset on a boy’s first truck in transit before we see Northern Michigan..

In complete contrast I keep wondering how we got here so fast.  Wasn’t he just 4 last year?

p.s.  I just remembered to tell you, not that you’d be the least bit surprised, that Jake really wanted to ride in his truck.  You know just sit in there and practice “driving” while we trailered him down the freeway.  Didn’t happen.


22 thoughts on “The Earth Shattering “Why” Answered

  1. And the truck runs!!! Wow I didn’t expect that! Your dad (and Jake’s granddad) is jealous – he said he needs a truck like that for a ranch truck. Fun trip! Photos were great as usual. You really do need to write kids books!


  2. Grandpa said this is a drive into Jakes future, just like when Todd got his truck. Jake did it in reverse of what his dad did. Jake picked up his truck in Colorado, where his dad got his truck and after while headed to Colorado, and that is also where Todd met
    Smoky thru the Hilgendorfs, and now it has come full circle and Jake got his truck from Smoky. As grandpa thinks about this, he thinks this is the truck that Smoky and grandpa drove out to the fields to feed the cattle during that terrible blizzard in Oct. when we were out there.

    Jake the smile on your face looks like when we were there this fall and you found out that the truck was yours, as dad kept checking to see if you were the highest bidder for the truck. Pretty neat tool box that Mark got you.

    Hope that new ford truck keychain from the Ford museum will work just fine. We can hardly wait to see it.

    As Roy Rogers use to say happy trails to you, we say happy driving trails to you.


  3. Jake,
    Congratulation on “your” new truck! I love the baby blue color, sure don’t see that color any more. You will be the envy of all your friends.


    1. We drove past all the “landmarks” in Simla and thought of times past. It was so much fun! What was once a resounding “No way” to the question, “Could I live here?” Is now a “Are you kidding? Yes way, I could!” Oh dry air baby!!
      You might be interested to know, they tore out the tracks from Simla to Springs and it’s now a bike path in the old rail bed the whole way. Wonderful “dirt red” painted metal benches about every mile or so. Just awesome.


  4. How cool that Jake has “something” from Smokey, Colorado, kind-of the ranch and your beginning. I’m with Joyce, miss the color in cars today, there just isn’t any. Very happy for you Jake.


  5. I thought he was three last year! I need to catch up. Uncle Ed says “awesome ride”. That picture of Jake with his really big smile says it all, huh? Congrats Jake.
    Loved the pics and story, Dee!


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