Ice, Ice Baby!

*Look, snow!  Thank you WordPress, could you make it snow here at the farm now?


We may be getting cheated out of snow around here but it’s been excellent for prepping the ground for the ice arena.  I realize, when I stop pouting long enough, that it wouldn’t have been good for it to start dumping snow on us here, what with the ground not even being frozen yet.  You see, our November temps were unseasonably ground freezing free.  I have to remind myself that the strange November weather did help with the crop harvest – trade offs.  Trade offs I keep telling myself.


This is the ice arena that Jake and Todd set up last year.  It was dubbed Glenview Arena probably due to the permanent lighting system they’ve got rigged up which isn’t shown in this picture.


Every day for about three months, after Jake got off the bus (this was a late February or weekend picture I’m sure – Look at the light!) he’d dump his back pack in the garage, pull on his skates, grab his gloves and stick and “run” through the woods to the ice.  I say “run” because, really, how easy is it to run through snow with skates on?  Blade guards or not?   The arena got a lot of use before it began to melt in March. We even had the hockey team over one late afternoon for a skate party, needless to say they had a pretty good time.


However, last year when they started the ice arena, they lost an awful lot of water due to a pesky slant when they had started to fill it.  So this past spring they added dirt.


A lot of dirt.


And with a borrowed bulldozer, got it all smoothed out with a much friendlier slant.  Grade?  Pitch?  What’s the word I’m looking for here?


Anyway, in October of this year those two ‘boys’ got me involved in painting the back boards for the rink white.  I tried reasoning with them.  I tried feigning serious disinterest.  It didn’t work.  The boards got painted and a good lot of it by Jake himself.  But, two coats were applied instead of the one that was originally agreed on.  I have no say around here.  I’m constantly out voted!  Someone send a referee, I so need one.


November saw them increasing the length of the arena by thirty feet.  “We need a longer rink”.  I think I heard thirty feet, it might as well be three hundred feet.  They pounded in re-bar and secured the side boards…Two by eight’s?…Two by ten’s or was it twelve’s?   I knew at one point.  Then I conveniently forgot.  Ask me if I care.  They’re boards.  That’s what I do know.  So once the liner gets here it’ll drape over these boards and they will start filling it with water.  The side boards will also be a wall of sorts to not only contain the water but so they aren’t chasing the puck more than they are playing hockey.  I kinda figured that’s what hockey was…chasing the puck.

A thought just occurred to me…When do the pretty white back boards go up?  I don’t know.  Before or after the liner?  Such thought provoking questions that need answers.  Yah.


The past three mornings I’ve woken to the sound of a four-wheeler.


He tells me he’s “driving in the frost” or he might have said “I’m driving the frost into the ground and this is how it’s done.”  He learned this last year from one of the other hockey dads.  Such a wealth of info that group is.

I didn’t even bother to ask him why.  So…“Why does he need to drive in the frost?”  Does it somehow make a better ice rink?  I’m thinking ‘yes’ it probably does.  But I wasn’t gonna get in a discussion about it because he might then decide I need to be out there at dawn, in twelve degree weather, driving around in circles too.


He made many, many laps.  So many that I began to think, “Any minute now he’s gonna start doing figure eights and then dock and fan the sucker and then maybe do a “Victory Lap” at a full on gallop.  I wonder now what he was thinking.  Was he hearing old tunes in his head…“Here Comes The King, Here Comes The Big Number One”…dada da da.  (Oh no, now that song is stuck in my head).


Naw, he was probably day dreaming about how he was gonna be scoring on his son, who happens to be one year older and quite a few goalie lessons wiser than last time they squared off on Glenview ice.

Bring on the liner UPS!   I just know it’s gonna start dumping snow any minute and we gotta get with the ice making around here!


16 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Baby!

  1. Hats off to you guys–all 3 of you! This Glenview Arena is a year around job!! And a hard one also! Dee do you ever skate on it? I assume you would have to wear hockey stakes. I hope the liner comes real real soon because it is snowing like crazy here and it just might be coming your way. Won’t be must longer Jake!

    Dee, I like your new banner and the snow. Oh, by the way did you really post this at 1:31 a.m.??????


    1. I’ve skated on it once or twice but really it’s a little too slick for me. It could be I’m just used to the un-groomed ice ponds I grew up with in the horse pastures. Or it could be I’m just plain scary on skates.
      :) Guilty on the 1:31 a.m. thing…I got on a roll and couldn’t stop.


  2. Great story. Love the snow falling! We are getting a little snow every morning -but it warms up during the day and melts most of it. At least the ground is white again after the schnook the other day.


  3. Wow what production, Was really neat to see the process. Hope you get plenty of good weather so you will get lots of skating in. Today they are saying we are going to get a foot of snow here in the cities. It must have started already because it is snowing on my computer screen, You are talented.


    1. Hahaha!! Thanks but WordPress gets the credit for the computer snow. Speaking of snow send whatever you don’t want over here.


  4. That is very cool! Jake is a lucky boy to have such great parents! I will not be showing this to Will. He may raise the bar on his expectations of me. Right now chocolate milk is good enough to make him say “Thank you mama!!!” and I’d like to keep the bar right there.


      1. Ok, so I did NOT show this to Will. And yet, tonight, he came to Tyler with two sticks from the shop and Baby K’s slipper. “Want to play hockey Dad?” Guess it’s time I get around to that skating at Riverfront with him ;-).


  5. Oh my gosh, sounds like a hockey mom in the making ;)
    If only Jake were that interested at Will’s age! I wish I had stuff for his size to send you. The good news is used hockey equipment for that age is so abundant and not terribly expensive.
    Play-It-Again Sports my friend!


  6. OK Ok I know you are gonna think Im a dork….but, this post almost brought tears to my eyes! I dont know why I just thought how neat it was that you all pitched in to make such an awesome arena something Im sure will get alot of use! Plus Glenview ice really is pretty cool how many kids have a HUGE ice rink at their house! Lucky Jake!! :)


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