Most all of you who know us know we live on and manage a Clydesdale draft horse farm/ranch/whatever.  It’s a beautiful place and we share it with thirty of these lucky suckers.  Some of these horses are in retirement from other U.S. or Canadian hitches and some of these guys, like Chance here, still perform in the show ring during the summer months.

The other afternoon, when I was driving in the back lane from town, I couldn’t help but notice Chance’s color in the sun.  It  looked like something I could eat or drink.  Sorry Chancer buddy, but man right now in your winter coat, you look like a good cup of rich coffee or a really yummy dark crème brûlée.  Um, yes.  I looked up how to spell brûlée.  As if.  And yes, I was hungry.


This is Jake.

Jake is technically one of the “farm horses” but he has done a few driving exhibitions and parades in the last couple of years.  Here, when I stopped the truck to take his and Chance’s picture, I could totally tell he was wishing I’d take him to the barn.  It was about that time of day;  time to head in and eat.  I was totally with him on that one.  These horses have “people” in the form of a capable farm crew to attend to their needs so I drove on.


This is, from the back forward, Finnegan, Laddie, Earl and Fred.  Oh and Max, the official greeter dog.  The furthest two horses are from the show string and the other two are retired and remain very blessed farm horses.

Ordinarily, they’d not be standing doing nothing so close to the fence, they’d be deep into their respective pastures picking at grass.  They had their eyes riveted on the barn, anticipating their people coming with lead ropes to take them in for the night and yes, to their dinner.

I drove on with Max bringing up the rear.  I know he was hoping for food, just look at that face.


This is Jack and Pete.  These two are with the league of blessed farm horses.  Pete helps out sometimes with the exhibition hitch and he does the occasional parade…when he’s not too busy with pasture maintenance duties.  They too were hoping I’d put the camera down and make myself useful.

Didn’t happen.

Like, Hello?!  I had to get to the house, I was hungry too.


8 thoughts on “Like…Hello!?

  1. Dee,
    Sounds like you have a hungry crew at the Glenview Farms! I sure would hate to be responsible for fixing supper for thirty of these beautiful creatchers plus everyone else!!!!


  2. Dee here is your children’s book on horses. Just change the coffee color to hot chocolate and you are all set to go. Great story and the pictures are just what you see when you are there.


  3. Aunt Dee,
    Like always I love your pictures and the story is great :) Hope some day I can get some nice weather days and take a few shots!


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