Snow = Happiness


*Picture taken late yesterday afternoon, posted for my friend Cary and might make her feel even more Christmasy!


Dean and Frank…You guys rock.

Hope you’re makin’ the best of your day wherever you are, and I hope you have snow, at least in your heart!

P.S.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I like, love and adore snow so I mean this in the best possible way. :)


8 thoughts on “Snow = Happiness

  1. Oh Dee, The Dean and Frank “Marshmellow World” is GREAT! When I was really young my girlfriend and I use to reinact skits of Frank and Dean. So fun to see this again.
    Your snow is very pretty. Do the horses like it? I hope you guys are able to make it for Christmas (I don’t know what the weather forecast is for then) because the Cities have ordered an abundance of the white stuff just for you.

    Enjoy save travels. Jan can tell you about a nerve racking experience this past weekend.


    1. Skits? You did NOT! ;) How fun!!
      The horses love it. They’ve been snugged down in their condominiums for two days so yesterday was the first they’d seen it for the year. They were giddy and tearing around. Could be they were just happy to get outta their stalls, I mean condos.
      Don’t let that snow go anywhere, I’m looking forward to seeing the real deal!


  2. By you posting this I found out something about my sister that I did not know. I can just see the horses racing thru the snow. Can hardly wait for you guys to get here, just hope that we don’t get snow and ice that will change your trip.


    1. How crazy to learn something about her ‘on the internet’! hahaha.
      I tried to get pic’s of them running around but they didn’t turn out great. I may end up posting one or two sometime anyway.
      Snow won’t stop us but the ice will probably slow us down;)


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