Good Wintery Negatives


I got a scanner a few weeks back.  It’s not of the wiz-bang variety that does faxing and copying and your laundry.  It just does pictures.  High resolution pictures and most importantly and why I bought it, negatives!  I have five shoe boxes of negatives.  I think I’ve guaranteed myself at least five months of work.  Maybe five years.

I’ve been having a great time going through it all.  Because of Todd and his work I was exposed to many events and people and places and things through the years.  And because of Todd, captured an awful lot of it on film with his Pentax camera…Hence the five boxes of negatives!  The above grouping of pictures I came across over the weekend.  Good times.  Good friends.  Good grief, that was a long time ago!  I thought it might be fun and fitting to post them now.

My notes with the negatives said I took those during a photo shoot in Ashcroft, Colorado in 1992.  Think merchandise, banners, bar coasters, calendars, cardboard beer cases, etc.  Even though the hours were crazy photo shoots remain my all time favorite.  It was always a gorgeous location, of course and no crowds, just us.  Best of all I would tag along as close as I could to the photographers Anheuser-Busch used most often back then, Westerman Photography…without Charlie or his assistants tripping on me of course. They always seemed to have the best angles!  Pictured is:  Walt in the wheel (middle lower) and Wilbur in the point (far right).

The day before that we’d been in Aspen at a monastery for the “running free” stuff…


It’s possible that I’m way off on the names but I believe this is Chance in the lead, King or Ben beside him.  General, Newton and I know that’s little Wilbur in the very back.


This picture, even though I tried to make it better by adding a “negative overlay”, stubbornly remained not very clear or good.   Original operator error I guess.  However, it does show how the running free stuff was executed.  Two or three people out of frame to the right would turn the horses loose.  Two hired snowmobiler’s (nice gig huh?), one with the photographer on board in the lead and one snowmobiler in the rear to keep a slower horse pushed over, would give chase and in essence keep up along side the thundering mass while taking pictures.  The assistant photographer very well might have been on the second sled.  Can’t remember, it was like two hundred years ago.


There were two or three people at the other end shaking the horses’ partially filled feed buckets.   The veteran horses who had done the “running free” gig before knew the routine and if their memories were some rusty would have it down by the second go.  This of course made it nice for the newbie horses like Wilbur who’d race along behind, not having to think about where to go but only having to concentrate on keeping up.


There was also a couple of the crew mounted on a horses.  After the five horses were caught they were handed off to the riders and they ‘ponied’ them back to the beginning to be turned loose again.


Miss Michelob was all over that running free stuff.  It meant she could hang out in my rig, oftentimes with the seat heater on.  I know for a fact that when it came to the horses having a gallop in the snow without her, nothing negative about winter ever crossed her Dalmatian mind.  It was all good!


7 thoughts on “Good Wintery Negatives

  1. Your story and pictures are great and very interesting! Very interesting how they go about making a commercial. The horses are beautiful in the “running free” shots–huge and graceful! How can they be both???

    Is Chance the same Chance that you have now? Keep going thru your negs–this is great stuff.


  2. Actually, that shoot was just for ‘print’ not a commercial. The commercial and movie making stuff was very cool too. Nope not the same Chance horse. :)


  3. All this time and I never knew a photographer was on a snowmobile getting that great shot, guess never gave it any thought.
    I chuckled at the timing of the blog with J.P. retirement, like we said yesterday, “he lastest 19 years longer than anyone thought!


    1. Staples…HP Scanjet 4050…Clearance…The salesperson said that they couldn’t get rid of it cause everyone would rather have an All-In-One…70 bucks! They got rid of that one. I couldn’t afford NOT to :)


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