Over The River And Through The Upper Peninsula


Us Radermacher’s headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house early Christmas morning.  Since it takes about eleven hours to get to Minnesota and we wanted to get there in time for dinner we had to leave early.  A “no brainer” there.


I do realize that we crossed over a lake and not a river and not just any lake but a Great lake.  Certainly deserving of a great bridge.


Once we got across the lake, five miles worth of bridge mind you, we threaded our way thru the U.P.


There were lots of scenic views along the way.


Including some real pretty morning light on icy Lake Michigan.


Not that we would stop just to take pictures of such things.


Hey, I think I just figured out why I don’t get to drive much anymore.


Hiawatha National Forest.  One of the many ‘woods’ in Michigan and Wisconsin we passed through to get to Grandma and Grandpa’s.


We also went through miles and miles of, “She’s over the line!”  “She’s touching me!” and  “She won’t get off me”.  One of them probably should have stayed home but you’ll see in the next posting why it’s probably a good thing Jake made the trip to Minnesota.


6 thoughts on “Over The River And Through The Upper Peninsula

  1. You got some great shots, sure looked different in some of them. Seeing it was a winter trip, seeing we have not been brave enough to venture the winter trip, but that is going to have to happen so we can see the great goalie Jake. We have had many grandkids play hockey, but Jake is the first goalie. It was so GREAT TO HAVE YOU HERE.


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