The Christmas Classic–Game Two



I think on some level I always knew I married into a hockey family.  I don’t think I actually fully realized it until this past weekend.

Here in Northern Michigan we eat, sleep and breathe it this time of year.

(FYI:  I try not to breathe it.  Not a good smell.)

My mom said the other day:  “You guys have two seasons: Farming and Hockey”.  I think she meant it in the best possible way and she doesn’t know how right she is.  Course, I grew up with only one season:  Horses.

In Minnesota I believe they have two seasons:  Humidity and Hockey.  Todd informed me the two seasons are “Hockey and Bad Sledding”.


This is a Minnesota Sunday morning off Grandma and Grandpa’s back deck, the day after Christmas Day.   We’d gotten in the night before safe and sound courtesy of no bad roads.


That Sunday morning found us following Grandma and Grandpa over to a little town called White Bear Lake for one of Jake’s cousins’ hockey games.


Cute town that White Bear Lake!

I took this picture from the passenger seat and through the drivers side window because, like remember, we don’t stop.  Wouldn’t have wanted to be late for the game anyway.  This and the next picture goes to show ya that you just got point the camera and shoot!  You never know what you might get.

Plus, yes, I sharped and softened it some.


The the frost on the trees and fog coming off the lake was amazing.


So here we are at the hockey arena.  I learned they don’t keep score at the “Mighty Mites” level but rumor has it the parents do and I think his cousin won their game.  I think.

Anyway, it was great to see him play and catch glimpses of his cute dimpled smile under his helmet.  We were wishing his two slightly older sisters, who are at the “Squirt” level and skate on the same team, had a game that day too.  We would have loved to watch them play as well.


We did the next best thing and actually it was even better.  After the game we all went over to Janice and Jay’s house for some family hockey.

This was “Game Two” for them, as they had hosted a game Christmas Eve with the whole family in attendance, minus us three Radermacher’s.  So that would make it…twenty-two + boyfriends and girl friends?  A little help family…how many were there for the Christmas Eve Hockey game?

This pictured above is out their kitchen window.  I’m jealous.  They can see their ice arena and all the action perfectly from the window at their kitchen sink.  Not me.  Our pine trees need to be scared with a chain saw in order for this to happen at our place.  That’s Jay down there shoveling off and getting it ready.



I understand he’s the first goalie they’ve had in the family – Ever.


No others?


Jay, tightening his girls skates.


Jay, helping his son with his helmet.


They started off with a warm-up.


The warm-up involved tennis balls and pucks all at the same time.


I think it was the ‘game’ before the ‘game’.


I love that I enjoy taking pictures because in a situation like this I have something to do other than try and skate.


I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was picking which pictures to share.


Almost impossible.


There was a little net repair done by Jay and Todd.


And then it happened.

They picked teams.

Donna and Janice opted to play ‘boot hockey’.


Todd’s nephew, Mitch, dropped the “puck”.


And then it was game on!

Grandpa played goalie too.  He’s way tougher than Jake so he didn’t need all that padding.


Oh Janice!  You could’a smoked ’em if you’da had your skates on!


Go! Go! Go!




“Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!”

No, they aren’t really twins.  I just had to say that when I saw how this picture turned out.  They are quite the team unto themselves.  I think they read each others mind and can execute some pretty great moves.  Not that I would know a great move when I see one but still, I’m impressed.


“Blue”, the dog, couldn’t figure out if he wanted to be a forward, a defenseman, referee or which team to play on.

Pick Blue, pick!


Another ‘face-off’ with Jay dropping the puck (tennis ball).



I found myself not knowing who to cheer for.  I was so torn.


I ended up cheering for both sides.

I’m a fence sitter.


I’m also a “Sit As Close To The Fire As I can” sitter.  It’s a safer spot for a girl like me.  Did you know ice is slick?  Did you also know that I’m the only one in the whole entire clan that can’t skate?!

Grandma can skate but she kept me company and hung out by the fire with me.  She’s a nice lady that mother-in-law of mine.  And then she left me to go get food ready for the masses.  See?  Nice.


Look out Jake!



Good job Jake.  Tired yet?

You know, if he had a white jersey on he’d look like a “Storm Trooper” right out of Star Wars.

It’s only because of him and the 1.2 million times he’s watched it that I would even think:  “Storm Trooper”.


Good game Blueberry!  Good dog.


Good game family!

Thanks for the fun.  We had a blast, we really did.  I personally loved seeing you all out there together.  We’re glad we brought that Jake kid.  He came in handy and he loved the practice.

Next year lets make it one big Christmas Classic game!

I think I’ll need a wide angle lens to get you all in though.


10 thoughts on “The Christmas Classic–Game Two

  1. the state of hockey “minnesota’ welcomes you as our official photogapher for all our family classics. you will be skating next year/right? you are our favorite daughter-in-law. jake had a great game as the girls were really on him trying to score. thanks again for the photography.


    1. Thank you favorite father-in-law.
      Skating? Me? I wouldn’t want to show you all up so I’ll just stick with taking pictures. How’s that?
      Jake said, “Those girls were tough”.


  2. Dee,
    This is a fantastic post! (You never fail to impress us all). I know that some people are trying to get you to write children’s books. I truly believe this is your calling. You need to seek out a publisher and have at it.

    Next year I’m not going to have my foot in a walking cast so I can participate in the “Christmas Classic II.” (I will just do the boot hockey.)


    1. Thanks Joyce – I am hearing you guys on the book thing…but…ugh…kinda scary. Regarding the boot hockey…I think you three sisters ought’a lace up next year! Todd says you three skate and Lord knows ain’t no way you could be as bad as me!


    1. Truly, I’m laughing out loud here because I’m sitting in Lake Superior State University’s parking lot in the very northern part of the U.P. hoping/praying that Jake has a good game in 41 minutes!


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