The Lights Of Los Angeles


I don’t think I’d never flown into LA at night before.

This was it, what I could get of it anyway, in all its glory.

What began as one big photographic posting of my trip to my sisters in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California turned into just showing you pictures of the night I flew in. 

Overall, I’m happy with the way these pictures turned out but only AFTER I cleaned up their “grainy-ness” in Photoshop.




When I took this picture we were either hitting a dead body or a very large pot- hole in the runway.  Yes, kidding on the ‘dead body’.  I think.  It’s not like you can see right?


The black area is the Pacific Ocean.  At first when I was looking out the window I wasn’t at all sure what I was seeing, you know?  But then, brilliant me, I thought, “OH!  That’s the ocean!”


The City of Los Angeles.

Good and bright…It’s no wonder you can see it from space.


The glow from the lights bouncing off the clouds and the aluminum of the plane and it’s propeller about killed me! 

I kept looking around me thinking, “Doesn’t anyone else want to look out the window?  Don’t they want to see how neat this is?  Why are you people trying to sleep?  We’re gonna land in Palm Springs in twenty-five minutes anyway!”


I couldn’t choose between the above two shots so I put them both on.  I didn’t think you’d care but then neither did anyone else that night around me! Ha Ha Ha!


The dark area in the background I was pretty sure was the Sierra Nevada mountains but when I saw the black line above in amongst all the lights all I could think was:  River? 

Not wanting to wake and ask anyone, I realized it had to be the cement aqueduct thing that takes all the run off water, when it rains, to the ocean.  So at times it’d kinda be a river.

It’s in times like those that I feel so stinkin’ smart.

That is the California aqueduct isn’t it? 

Somebody please verify that I’m not lying/wrong/dumb here.   I can handle being dumb.  I can handle being wrong.  But I can’t handle bein’ a liar so give me a shout out if you know.  Ok?  Thanks.

So, what would you say is the neatest city you’ve seen at night?  And not necessarily from the air.


One thought on “The Lights Of Los Angeles

  1. Have not seen LA from the air day or night, but I am always amazed at Denver from the air – day or night with the flats in the east to the mountains in the west.
    I love flying in to SLC at sunset too.
    One time I saw the Northern lights from the airplane – coming home from visiting you! I could not believe everyone was not looking out the windows either! Silly people. I wanted to shout – LOOK EVERYONE – The NORTHERN LIGHTS!
    I showed a couple people and they glanced out for a brief second. The fricken airplane should have titled in that direction with everyone looking – or the pilot should have said something. Maybe that is why he didn’t – afraid they would unbalance the plane. Love your shots! But I love MORE that you love looking out the windows and photographing the sites! You can tell you are MY daughter – hahahahahaha Leave it to us!


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