Hello Big Girl Camera


I returned home from California late the other night, minus my one and only piece of luggage, Grrrr, and this shown here is what I was doing the next morning over coffee…Happily unpacking my new camera and not my suitcase.  Happy Late Birthday to me!

*My suitcase arrived via courier around 2pm with no excuse as to why it ditched me.  Said suitcase was not beat up in the least.  I can only guess it decided to have a look around O’Hare and missed our plane.

I’ve been having an excellent time this past week learning, well, relearning f-stops and shutter speeds and though I originally learned on Todd’s 35mm (film) Pentax K100o, I forgot more than I should have.  There are various new to me settings too on this new camera of mine.   I couldn’t be happier to be back in “control” over what I’m trying to screw up picture wise.

The two things I love the very most?

I love the low ISO settings.  The pictures it takes indoors without a flash…

Oh. My. Gosh!!!  Amazing.

And the shots I can get at night or in other low light situations…like the hockey arenas!  Whoo Hooo!!

I love the lens it came with too.  It’s versatile.  It goes from 18-105mm, which is, for those of you who don’t know, a wide angle to a bit of telephoto.   I have my eye on a few other lenses but I suspect if I had a camera bag full of choices that piece of glass would remain on my camera 90% of the time anyway.


Two nights ago I ran around the farm/ranch or whatever we call it, chasing the light.  Least I wasn’t chasing cows…it was –4.

By the way, we don’t have cows/steers, I’m just sayin’.  Also, we don’t have them yet because well, we don’t have good enough fences yet.

These are snowmobile tracks in the north-east hay field, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, but just in case you were.


And just in case you really were wondering…All these photo’s are sharpened and then softened in Photoshop but I didn’t mess with the color much at all, maybe the contrast some.  It really was purple out, on the snow anyway.



This one was taken on the same night as the above sunset shots.  I took the color out and made it a black and white.  And then I softened it.  I was doing some practice shots for a group I joined online called, MCP Project 52.  This week’s theme is “Soothing Repetition”.

I need more practice, this wasn’t coming out like I envisioned.  “We”, Jake and I that is, have till Friday to either get it right or move on and try for something else.


Last weeks theme suggestion was “Shades of Gray”.  This was the first one I entered.  It’s of Todd and Jake snowmobiling in the front hay field under a full moon.

I joined the group late, as a lot of us have.  Not a biggie.  There is nothing to win, no prizes offered.  But what is offered is help and encouragement from other people who either take pictures as a hobby or professionally and I think that’s not only what I need but also pretty cool.


And I think my new camera is pretty cool too, thanks husband. :)


11 thoughts on “Hello Big Girl Camera

  1. As always really cool pictures. Yes in the beginning we were going what are those tracks. Sounds to me you are in a perfect group that you will really enjoy taking pictures and giving each other hints.

    Happy picture taking, I just know some day you are going to have photos for sale.


  2. uh, wow! That looks like a lot of fun.

    There’s a big spot of bare wall above the couch in my living room. It needs a nice piece of artwork, photography perhaps. Better start shooting in high resolution so I can find something up to fill that spot. :) I prefer winter scenes….. Just saying.


  3. Yippee!!! So exciting!!! And that’s so cool you are taking part in that project. Defnitely going to head over there and check it out as soon as we get some decent internet :-P.


    1. Hey Cary,
      Soon as you get your internet issues fixed you should join in! Really.
      I’m still trying to come up w/this week’s picture. The theme is “Muse”.
      A little FYI too…get your picture submitted before Friday if you want a chance at being a featured Top Ten on their blog. I say this because a couple moderators live in different countries and it’s Friday for them before it is for us!


  4. Ok First of all I have to say YAY you got your big girl camera :)!!! Second of all I can not believe the amazing shots you get!!! I wanna come learn from you :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shades of gray pic!


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