Bring It


Heard there’s a big ‘ol snow storm coming.

Max, the Farm/Ranch dog, says he’ll believe it when he see’s it.

Max is the best.  If it’s possible, I think he loves snow more than I do.

In these snow months, more often than not, he can be found flat-out, right smack dab in the middle of the any of the roads here on the place.  One time it was snowing those great big fat flakes and I laid down right there with him.  Then I thought better of it and got up.   He might be a smart snow-loving dog, but I’m 2% smarter.


I sure hope if we don’t get the current big storm moving east that we’ll get the next one that’s predicted to hit here Saturday through Monday.


We’re ready.  Bring.  It.  On.


“We” love using all the cool snow removal machinery here.


This big snow blower thing is the one piece of machinery I haven’t run yet.  I bet, when one is finished eradicating snow from the road with this, one really feels like one has done something!

Max and I may not agree about laying in the middle of the road but we’re both hoping this sucker gets a work out!


3 thoughts on “Bring It

  1. You and Max and I are of the same mindset. The more snow, the better. I hope you the big winter storm you’re dreaming of. I mean that in the best possible way from one snow lover to another. :)


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