Top Five Ways To Insure Your “Sled” Gets Buried Three Times In One Night


1.     Go out to the furthest hay field after the sun sets and take pictures of your kid.


2.     Leave your helmet back at the barn facilitating the lack of eye protection against the cold wind and your eyes get watery to the point you can’t see the contours of the terrain in the waning light.


3.     Take pictures of you kid for so long the waning light becomes practically zero light.


*Note:  Go back the next day under better lighting conditions and get pictures to remember what not to do next time.  Do not take pictures that night because doing so could make those helping dig you out a might bit cranky, therefore ensuring they will leave you to rot till the spring thaw.


4.     Go uphill, through drifts, three to four feet deep, on the way back to the barn that are total “Colorado Powder” with a trail sled only built for extreme speeds.



5.     Get nice and close to paddock fences.  It’s good and deep there.


6.  Don’t let the dog sticking his tongue out at you make you want to “Kick The Dog” cause even Max the Farm/Ranch dog would never do anything so stupid.

Oh, I guess that’s six and that last one isn’t a way to get your sled stuck, it’s just how you might feel.

P.S.  I want my plastic sled back.


6 thoughts on “Top Five Ways To Insure Your “Sled” Gets Buried Three Times In One Night

  1. Funny story. You really did get some snow this time, bet you are really happy. It would be beautiful there in the snow also. One thing the snow would stay clean, because you would not have all the traffic driving on it making it dirty.


  2. hahahahaha – it has to be funny today! At least the post is. You have such a delightful way to make your daily experiences – enjoyable for the rest of us!


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