Equine Valentine


Some of you know that of the thirty horses that share this beautiful farm with us, one is a stud-horse named Austin.  What you may not know is none of the farms mares are bred but we do take a few “outside” mares every spring.  “Outside mares” meaning, mares owned by other people who wish to have Austin’s bloodlines in their herd.


So for fun and for the first time, since it’s almost that time of year again, (the booking of mares for breeding season and Valentines Day),  Austin sent out a few Valentines to some past “acquaintances”.

*I hope they got sent out in time, otherwise Austin will be emailing frantically today!

These Valentines were just a little reminder to book early.  Winking smile


We hope he doesn’t come across as being too “forward” or considered a cad.

He really is quite the gentleman, especially for a stud-horse.

Don’t you think he comes across as very ‘GQ’-ish?

He totally thinks he does.

There’s a rumor going around the barn since his little photo shoot the other day… He’s looking for a modeling agent.

*Valentine templates were free from “MCP Actions”.


10 thoughts on “Equine Valentine

  1. Forgot to mention when you publish books here is another cute idea for holidays with the animals, in this case you have so many horses that you can work with. Karla


  2. OH Austin! You are such a stud!!! What mare would not just melt when receiving this valentine. Hope the responses are many.

    (Dee, you are very creative. If I where a child I would want to read every book that you authored. You make reading fun!)


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