In Honor Of

Did you know this weekend is  Hockey Weekend Across America?  Yah, well normally I wouldn’t, couldn’t have cared less but since it’s “hockey this” and “hockey that” 24/7  in my world these days I couldn’t’ help but notice.  Just here to point out the important things in life to ya.  Hey, if I gotta endure, I feel the need to spread the love!

Speaking of enduring, I thought this would be a good time to share some pictures of all things hockey and in no particular order…


My view from the score keepers box during a scrimmage game.


Clearing Glenview Ice Arena.





Clearing ice at Weichel Hunting Camp Arena.



Luke at practice… Stretching?  Meditation maybe?

DSC_0565w (2)

Fan Club

DSC_0565w (4)





Boys.  Boys.  Boys.


*Cue the “Jeopardy” music here.

Our captain waiting to see what kind of penalty we were gonna get for our, ahem, extracurricular activities pictured above.


It was right here when I learned what the red half circle on the ice was for…the captain of the team has to stand just outside of it and wait for the verdict.



If I remember right, he was here a lot this particular game.




Pay close attention to Modrzynski #2, bottom right, riding his hockey stick in celebration of a win…



That’s ok buddy, I’ve been bucked off too and in front of more people than you.



Cheering Section


This was a great moment.

Last weekend was our districts tournament over in Cadillac.  Our team was finished playing for the day, so some of the boys and a few of the adults came back to the ice arena from the motel to watch an important game.  If St. Ignace won we were gonna be in the play-offs the next day.  If they lost, we were going home the next morning.  This pictured above is the boys fist bumping and cheering them on to win as they came out of their locker room to take the ice.  I think at first, the St. Ignace team was like, “What are you doing here and why the heck are you cheering for us?”  Then they got into it.  It was pretty funny.


A few of the boys had a favorite player.


The object of affection…far right.

You could tell as she skated by that she was trying not to smile in response to her very loud all boy fan club because her pink mouth guard showed.  She’s so stinkin tough the word “cute” didn’t really describe it.


Cadillac team stayed to watch too, they were sitting right in front of us, sometimes they were sitting…sometimes they made a better door than a window.  Kidding.  They were fine.


We cheered for St. Ignace almost till the end of the game but they were getting killed, so we left.  There was a pool to get to.


Pool pictures are not attached.  Conveniently, St. Ignace was staying at the same motel as us so our team invited them down to the pool when they got back– I didn’t take any pictures that night.  They just stood around in the water and talked.  Everyone was too wore out to play I guess.

On a separate note, I do have pictures of the night before when most of the male parents and all coaches got thrown or jumped, on their own, into the pool.  That might be a blog posting all unto itself.  Winking smile


On our way out, one of the directors said they could take our sign off the wall.

FYI:  For those not affiliated with this hockey group, we are not the Wildcats. Not sure why they chose to call us that, we’re just plain old “Alpena Bantams”.


Guess it could have been worse, they could have called us the “Wild Kittens” after “Wild Kitten Tumbling” which is a preschool tumbling group that meets at our home ice arena a few times a week.

That would’ve been funny.  Go Team!

In honor of USA Hockey’s push to “celebrate the sport and expose it to new audiences” us Radermacher’s are going over the Mackinaw bridge to St. Ignace tomorrow to watch the Labatt Blue UP Pond Hockey Championship.  It’s taking place out on Lake Huron and according to their website it’s the only U.S. hockey tournament held on one of our Great Lakes.  I hope it will be “on” and not “in” Lake Huron, as we are having a serious thaw here in Harrisville.

We’d been wanting to go to this Pond Hockey thing for a couple of years now and when we found out one of our assistant coaches from Jake’s hockey team is playing in it, well, that sealed it.  We also heard last night that “Rachel” will be playing in it too.  Here’s hoping the ice holds on a little longer!


3 thoughts on “In Honor Of

  1. we enjoyed the hockey pictures and that youre are getting in the grove just like a typical hockey mom. it sounds like there was a lot of partying also.
    first of all jake, i want to know more about the star on your team.rachel. sounds like no one wants to tangle with her. that’s the one to put on defense
    and call her the exterminater like justine was. she would be your protecter .
    jake you’re the first one to play in a foreign country. let us know how rachel does and you also. take care and enjoy the greatest sport.

    grandpa gene


    1. Grandpa,
      She’s not on our team but an opposing one we sometimes play. foreign country? i didn’t go anywhere out of the country to play.
      p.s. Rachel plays next weekend but did see her there today walking around.


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