Serious Ice


Real Hockey is right.


Saturday we went up to Saint Ignace on Moran Bay for the UP Pond Hockey Championship.


It was cold.


It was windy.


It was frozen.


It was super fun and we were  happy we made the effort.

We knew approximately two people.


Jesse, far right…


And Ryan – Guy with the shades.

Jesse and Ryan have lent their talents to our hockey team this year – Ryan with the goalies and Jesse with the offense.  Nice guys these two.


It was awesome to see Jesse play, especially outside.


Pond hockey is a different hockey game than when they play it indoors.

This tournament was a four on four.


There isn’t any net.  There isn’t any goalie and there isn’t any referee.

Find the arrow, see the goal box.


They played two twenty minute periods with a five minute break in between.



No idea who these guys were but I do wish Jesse’s team would have played on this rink, loved the light here.

This kind of shows how far off shore we were.


There were twenty-seven rinks and one-hundred-fifty-seven teams.  They had to turn away thirty, yah, 30 teams this year.  This was only its fifth year too!


A lot of the teams dressed up in clothes that would represent what their team names were.  Kind of made me wonder what the team’s name was for Tuxedo man here.


I thought it was kinda cool one could push ones hockey bag and not have to carry the stinkin’ thing.


Patriotic player.

We also saw the wig-wearing Mullet Men but I was too shy to get a picture of that team.  You’ll just have to believe me when I say they looked like, totally radical.


Jake of course brought his skates.


*Todd thinks the ice was probably about two feet thick.  Looked deceptively thicker to me…I could sometimes see the sand and black rocks on the bottom of the bay – Umm, awesome!


Skating was one of the safest ways to go.  Well, for a person that knew how to anyway.  Like an idiot, I forgot my ice gripper things at home.


This here was the other safer way to go.


Ok, probably the safest way of all.  Dig the kids hooky-bobbin’ on the back.


This is the inside of the hospitality tent which was, of course, set up on the ice.  The ice is glowing green due to the sun light outside.  I thought it was pretty neat, sand and all.


Heck, the whole thing was pretty neat…


We’ll be back next year.



6 thoughts on “Serious Ice

  1. Dee I must say for someone that came into hockey later, you have experienced more than the rest of us that have been into it for decades. We just had a pond hockey with many many teams from all over the u.s. but we have not gone, this year super super cold, last year they had to cancel for the first time because it melted. What a fun thing for you guys to do. Karla


    1. I’m a lucky girl for sure. It was totally worth being kinda cold. Me and more than likely everyone involved, couldn’t have been happier that the ice didn’t melt to unsafe use in that thaw we’d had a few days before.
      That pond hockey thing where you are, where teams come from all over the U.S., is very well known even over here! Would love to see that one!


    1. Hey Nicole,
      It really was neat and we heard they Zambonied just once before the tournament by only shaving it smooth. No water was laid down via the Zamboni, this time, since it had been so warm they were afraid of cracking.


  2. Dee,
    You are really a hockey family! Bet you never thought you would be going to a pond hockey tournament. Last Friday we went to Detroit Lakes (to watch the Alexandria girls play in the sectionals to go to state–which by the way they are) and they where zamboning the lake to play golf. All kinds of people out on the lake and the town was just a hopping. They did not have a hospitality tent so we didn’t see any colored ice. Some of your pictures look like you where right in the plays. Be careful girl!
    P.S. Was it warm in the hospitality tent?


    1. Joyce,
      No, never ever in my wildest dreams did I think “Pond Hockey”! Too funny.
      What I love best about winter is all the ways people come up with to make the best of it. Golf! How great!
      OMGosh! Yes, almost right in the plays! I didn’t take near the pictures I wanted to because I really had to pay attention as we and all other spectators, were the boards. I could have used hockey pads because one time a puck left the arena and grazed my pant leg, just below my knee! I was actually more fearful for my camera…I’d heal but knew my camera wouldn’t.
      Yes, much warmer in the tent…Amazing what a wind break can do.


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