Hockey Season…The End


We ended the season this past Sunday with a game that many people will be talking about for years and years.  And years!

Last weekend we were at a three-day Hospice charity tournament in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our team made it to the Championships on Sunday with an impressive  hockey game the likes most people have never seen – namely me.  In accordance with tournament rules, there wasn’t a shoot out when we tied our opponent in that final game.  What happened was they put ten more minutes on the clock and it became “sudden death, first goal wins”….And they put ten minutes on the clock FOUR different TIMES.  Yup, four over-times, our team and theirs wouldn’t give up, give in or lie down!  It was beyond amazing and way past stressful for those that watched and probably a little tiring for those that played.

In the end it was our awesome opponent that scored first and it was over.   The pride I felt watching our team try so hard and display such determination out weighed any disappointment I felt at losing that game.  It really feels like we won in so many ways.

‘What a way to end the year’, is just the best I can do to describe how I feel.

Here are a few shots from last weekend…


Players tunnel.


Spectator entrance.


Waitin’ for our players to come out of the locker room and take the ice.


Waiting over.


Round One was last Friday on the Olympic rink.  They were giving out Most Valuable Player awards after the game ended.


Same night, moments later.  Our players cheering us before they stepped off the ice.


Leaving the ice after “saluting” those in the stands…Jake saying to Jay, our other goalie, “Thanks man for setting it up so that I could take part in a “shut-out!”


Or he was saying, “Last one in the hotel pool is a rotten egg”.

Do you think kids that age say that anymore?  No.  Probably not.


Player #2’s way beyond cute, kid sister.


What two teams were striving for long about 4pm Sunday, March 6th, 2011.




Sunday, bout 2:30 p.m.  I got a call from Todd on my cell phone, “Where are you?  Never mind.  Come quick!!  Bring your camera to the locker room”.

This is how they kept cool in the hours before the Championship game…This really is “Duck, Duck, Goose” going on here.


I heard in addition to napping they were doing yoga, meditation and trying on each others equipment.  Oh, and taking rides zipped up inside the large goalie bags out to the lobby.


Pictured, courtesy of Todd’s cell phone, is a full set of goalie pads with a kid named Austin inside…I think he was totally rockin’ them pads.

Austin buddy…Not only did that look like a perfect fit, you look like a force to be reckoned with.


Player tunnel.


Where the “Four Over-times” game took place.


Jay was killer on his “glove side” as he always is but especially this game.

I learned some cool lingo this year.  On accident of course.


See the glass windows above the rink?  That was solid people during the last thirty minutes of the game.  I’m not sure our team realized it but they really drew a crowd.

My pictures during the game were not good.  Well, let me say all season long they were never that good.

Learning to deal with vapor lights and shooting through plexiglass and netting was tough.  For some reason it just didn’t lend itself to decent pictures.  It was a great challenge though and I loved it.

I did get to go down on the ice for the medal and trophy ceremony when it was over.  Not entirely sure they called it, “Medal and Trophy Ceremony” but I do, so I will.


Pictured:  Tait, Team Captain.  Jake, background, shaking hands with the other team.

Notice the score board…for those of you not hockey orientated that “7” on the board means “7 Periods”.  There is normally only 3.


Handing the trophy to Coach Papin.


Proud Coach.


Last man off.

I find that I’m feeling kind 0f sad that hockey season is over.

I can also reach way down deep and find that I may or may not be ready to take pictures of stuff other than hockey.  Smile

We’ll miss you guys…Have a great summer Alpena Bantams & families and as Amy Hamp said last night at the dinner…”See you in about five months”!


5 thoughts on “Hockey Season…The End

  1. Great season Jake. Dee I can see the hockey bug has bitten you. Looks like you had a great time and was a fun way to wrap up the year. Grandpa said he can remember a hockey game that he went to where Johnson(Todd will know the school and they played International Falls) and it went into 7 overtimes. That goalie is now a coach in Woodbury. Will be looking forward to seeing what happens next year.


  2. just a short note here. knew from the hockey tournament here that a goalie stopped 115 shots in a playoff game & still didn’t get into the tournament.
    i do believe they went into some overtime but i don’t know how many. by the way congrats for winning the championships. that jacket did some good
    that’s all. have to get back for the next game. white bear lake beat hill murray in the first game.


  3. Todd, Dee & Jake
    What a fun time in your lives! Glad you share with us so well Dee. Jake, Chad’s high school and college number in football was #22!. The #22 has served him very well. I hope you are able to keep that number and that it will be your good luck number also!


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